Sexy Woman on Cell

Polyamory Time Management

Let’s face it, we all live busy lives. With work, extracurricular activities, and other things in life that require many hours of

Pregnant Belly

Pregnant Poly Partners

My Other Girlfriend is Pregnant Part 1 I wish I could say to my fellow polys that I have some sound advice

Polyamory Dating Sites

Threesome Rules for Couples

What rules for threesomes should a couple adhere to for their next sexual adventure? So you and your primary partner are venturing

Bar Date

New Poly Relationship Tips

It’s a new year with new relationship possibilities. Are you and your poly partner ready to get out there and find your

Panning for Gold

Grouping for Gold

Sometimes your lover isn’t enough, and only a group will do. If you think just any old group will do, that’s cool;

Jealous Date

Jealous Partners in Polyamory

One of the biggest challenges in polyamorous relationships is avoiding the dreaded J-word. Good old green-eyed jealousy. There are many individuals in

Man Shaving

Manscaping for Women

Manscaping refers to how a man takes care of the hair all over his body. It’s a fascinating conversation that women enjoy