Pregnant Poly Partners

My Other Girlfriend is Pregnant Part 1

I wish I could say to my fellow polys that I have some sound advice about poly pregnancy. But I can’t. I’m the one who needs it, as I find myself faced with a new and awkward (for me) situation: my poly lover has a baby in her belly.

No, the baby is not mine, nor is it an accident. She and her long-time primary partner decided to start a family and were thrilled when they hit the jackpot early-in-the-trying. I’d been cheering them along, and was thrilled upon hearing the good news. But when we next hooked-up for a bit of the ol’nasty, the reality of it all hit hard: I’m about to shag another man’s baby-mama. Oiy.

Don’t get me wrong – I consider pregnancy to be extremely sexy. That’s not the same as being sexually attracted to a pregnant woman. I hope that makes sense, dear reader.

For the record, she thinks my uneasiness is completely unnecessary, and she has every desire of continuing our sexcapades until it’s physically impossible to do so. I’m not so sure. I certainly don’t have a moral issue with it (For shit’s-sake, I’m a go-both-ways multi-lover atheist – moral issue?! Hardly.). Nor am I suggesting that my lover’s pregnancy is a turn-off, cuz it ain’t.

It just feels… weird, somehow. Like Baby is watching us and thinking, “Who’s that guy?”. I find I’m becoming hyper-sensitive to silly little things like the “appropriateness” of our behaviour, and keep asking her for reassurance that everything is cool, and not really believing her when she insists that all is two-thumbs-up.

This is frightening new territory. So I’ve dug deep into my sub-conscious and discovered the following: I’m trying to ignore it until the pregnancy starts to show, at which point I’ll likely put (the sexual part of) the relationship on the back burner. The jury’s still out.

The decision would be much easier if I didn’t love her so much.

Or if she wasn’t such a maestro in the sack.

I wonder how many people share this problem.

Let Love Rule!

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