Group Hug

The Privileges of Polyamory

A Thousand Arms to Hug Your Soul I read an amazing book called Redefining Our Relationships: Guidelines for Responsible Open Relationships by Wendy-O

Couple Kissing in Bed

Polyamory One Night Stand

Polyamory is all about the love, not necessarily sex (but of course, that’s nice too). Poly primaries and even poly singles want

Heart Pricetag

The Price (of Polyamory) is Right

relationship values in polyamory What are your values? What IS “value”? The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines value as: 1.  : a fair return

Man with Questions

Poly Parenting for Beginners

Poly pregnancy: Where does a third fit in? As the secondary partner within a poly relationship – one with a baby on

Guy with Jealous Girl

What Do You Consider Cheating?

Monogamous partners often misunderstand poly relationships and think that polys are just people who want to cheat without consequences. They’re wrong. Cheating

Valentine Cat

2nd Place Poly Valentine

I was assigned to write a Valentine’s Day post for Polyamory Today. What should have been an easy task for a horndog

underwater kiss

Epic Sex Club Adventure

Is This The Tipping Point of Toronto’s 21st Century Sexual Awakening? On Tuesday, January 22nd, the City of Toronto woke up in