Manscaping for Women

Manscaping refers to how a man takes care of the hair all over his body. It’s a fascinating conversation that women enjoy – talking about their male grooming preferences. Women talk about men’s facial hair, body hair, hair hair, and of course, the hair down there.

Men know this and have become as concerned with their grooming habits as women are. Good grooming can increase your chances of getting laid. Of course, every woman has particular preferences, and you’ll never know until you ask, but there’s one thing women have in common. We want men to take care of themselves and their bodies which includes the hair that grows everywhere. Let’s break it down with a few helpful suggestions.

Hair Hair
This is the stuff growing on your head. Keep it clean and managed. Too many products make it smells like a cleaning cupboard or make it so hard that a woman can’t run her fingers through (which women love to do). If you’re bald(ing), don’t try and comb what’s left over, grow a ponytail, or brush it forward. Embrace your baldness, and she will too.

Nose and Ear
As men get older (all of us actually) hair starts growing in unexpected places. I recently dated a man whose nose hair was poking out of his nostrils. Needless to say, he didn’t get a second date. If I can see and notice this, a man should, too – and do something about it!

Facial Hair
This is definitely an area where women have individual preferences. Some expect clean cut, others want the five o’clock shadow, and others crave the full-on beard. Find out your ladies preference, and aim to please. I already miss Movember – facial hair of almost any kind, turns me on.

Back and Body Hair
If you look like sasquatch, then you’ll probably want to consider waxing or electrolysis. There’s a small percentage of women who like a hair beast, but most of us don’t want a back that looks like a welcome mat. One thing to ponder, women’s likes and dislikes for men’s hair changes. Older women are more open to variety while younger women have stricter guidelines on what they expect.

Pubic Hair
This is where things get personal. I don’t know many women who expect or prefer a man who’s bald down there. Relief, right guys? Now, that doesn’t mean you don’t have to do anything. My advice on this subject . . . keep it tidy. Trimming will make everything more attractive, you’ll be less sweaty, hence less smelly, and tada, you’ll look bigger – always a plus.

Women care about your preferences to. Take our Poll: What’s your Pussy Preference?

For specific tips on trimming, shaving, electrolysis, and waxing, check out: Manscaping 101 

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