Grouping for Gold

Sometimes your lover isn’t enough, and only a group will do. If you think just any old group will do, that’s cool; you can stop reading now. This post’s for groupers on the prowl for a more enriching playgroup.

We all know that getting along royally doesn’t ensure an awesome sexual connection. Likewise, despite great sex, you could find yourselves in a puppy-pile with those whose company you’d otherwise not enjoy. It isn’t easy to find a group relationship that sparks both strong sexual connections and meaningful friendships in tandem, but they’re out there, and worth the effort to find.

Just so we’re clear: grouping is still about The Sex. I’m not suggesting you put up with crappy sex just because the group is so nice to each other. But once you meet another couple and the sparks fly, what then? I can assure you – if you and your partner subsequently find yourselves doing impersonations of your hookup’s insistence on pineapple pizza, chances are those sparks will fizzle soon enough. Move on; time’s a-wastin’.

With less couples than singles online to go around, it’s easy to feel the need to compromise, especially if it’s your first time out. Don’t. If you and your partner have an ideal group in mind, that should be your focus. If on any given night, the online pickins are slim, well, there’s more than one weekend in a year. Roll again. Trust me. If your group experience turns out to be a buzzkill because of a compromise, you run the risk of never trying again.

It’s not like you’re marrying a group, but it is a bit like house-hunting. You want to live in it for a while. And longevity (re: great sex) is about open communication and diligent practice. This requires quality time spent – focus only on others with whom you love spending time with. The sex will only keep getting better, and your naughty-bits will thank you.

Let Love Rule!

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