What Is Polyamory Today? About Us

Polyamory Today is a blog dedicated to providing information and resources for polyamorous and poly-curious people. We cover an assortment of polyamory related topics, including relationships and poly dating tips, hookup advice, reviews of sites, news stories, personal stories, and more.

Who Is Behind Polyamory Today?

Polyamory Today is owned by me, Lola Page. I created Polyamory Today in 2013 when I saw there was a lack of information and true understanding of polyamory. When I started this site I had already been writing about and reviewing dating sites for a decade. I then decided to apply my passion for dating and relationship advice to the polyamorous community and those who wanted to learn more or get involved.

As I took on more blogging projects over the years, it became necessary to hire additional writers. The blogs have gone through some growing pains over the years, but today I am so proud of our current writers that have now been contributing to Polyamory Today for years. And yes, the very large majority of our posts are written by truly polyamorous authors.

What is the Polyamory Today Mission?

We want to provide simple, straightforward dating and relationship advice as it relates to polyamory. We also want to open up a dialogue about what it is to be polyamorous and how our readers can attain and manage a poly lifestyle with honesty and openness. And lastly, we hope to entertain and perhaps add a little titillation with posts on sex tips and stories from the field.

Is it also our mission to make money? Our blog does contain some text and banner ads, and we employ these in order to keep Polyamory Today going and growing. This advertising helps pay for the work of the writers, our web developer, and other costs associated with running a website.

How Can I Participate?

Are you passionate about polyamory? We love it when our readers engage with our content by telling us what they think in the comments section. We always do our best to reply, and encourage conversation and discussion.

For those looking to meet polyamorous partners in the flesh, we recommend a few polyamory dating sites. You can also check out all the poly sites we’ve reviewed.

Coming soon we are also adding a way for readers to anonymously submit their own polyamory stories, or to contact us with questions or ideas.

I hope you enjoy, and all the best!

Lola xo