8 Reasons to Have More Sex in 2013

Are you making resolutions for the new year? Don’t forget to add sex to the list. More sex, that is. Increasing the amount of sex in your life sounds good, right? Not only does it feel great in the moment, but there are so many added benefits beyond the immediate pleasure. And if you’re in a poly relationship and have more than one partner, well, it shouldn’t be too hard to keep this resolution.

8 Reasons For More Sex

1. Less Stress
Stress is almost impossible to avoid and it has a nasty habit of wreaking havoc on your body by turning into illness. Sex is a great way to rid yourself of daily stresses.

2. Immune Boost
With the arrival of winter, so too comes the flu and cold season. Regular sex elevates antibodies that will help protect you from infection.

3. Healthy Heart
Sex works your cardiovascular which can help fight heart disease. You can do this by running on a treadmill, too, but sex is a lot more fun!

4. Burn Calories
Again, you could be going to the gym or getting it on to burn calories regularly. The more energetic and wild the sex, the better.

5. Build Confidence
We all have insecurities, whether it’s about our sexual prowess or about our bodies. The more sex you have, the more comfortable and confident about your skills.

6. Strengthen Bonds
Maybe you are having difficulty finding enough intimate time with your multiple partners. Make that time count by using it to connect sexually. It’s a great way to improve intimacy within your separate relationships.

7. Sleep Well
Most of us suffer from insomnia either regularly or during times of stress. Sex can be exhausting physically, helping the body to relax and prepare for a good night’s sleep.

8. Pain Reliever
During sex, endorphins increase and pain decreases. Passion play is a great way to battle headaches, muscle pain, and PMS symptoms. If you have a hangover on New Year’s day, grab your honey and feel the pain melt away.

For more benefits check out:  Men’s Health: 10 Ways More Sex Can Improve Your Health

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