Picking the Perfect Profile Pictures

What’s in an online dating profile photo? A lot! It’s your first blind impression. What I mean is, you’re being judged, unfortunate but true, by your looks. A woman will see a picture and decide if she’s going to even bother reading your profile. Writing a poly profile can be difficult, but it won’t matter how much time you spend or how great it reads, if the wrong photo(s) have women skipping over it.

Tips for Picking the Perfect Pictures

Not Your Best
We all have this one great photo that makes us look incredible, better than we actually do. Your inclination will be to use this fantastic picture, but when you meet your first date, you can expect disappointment. You want to look good in your pictures, but you have to be able to live up to the image. Use a variety, which leads to my next tip . . .

Multiple Photos
It’s hard to get a sense of someone from just one picture. Use a variety of angles and photos taken from different distances. Show off your personality in at least four different pictures. A variety might include a vacation pic, you engaging in a physical activity, or you with your pet.


A lot of profile photos are taken from a distance. And not only that, the person will be wearing sunglasses – it could be anyone. I also advise using a close-up for your cover image, the one that will be shown first in lists. Smiles attract women, too.

Updated Photos
We all looked better ten years ago or before we gained that ten pounds, but honesty trumps everything. Using old photos might get you more clicks and first dates, but a woman will say bye-bye if she meets you and discovers you’re a fraud. As well as using current photos, I suggest changing them every few months. This increases your chances of attracting users who have been on the site a long time.

Primary Partner Photos
If you’re looking for a unicorn for both you and your partner, then be sure to include multiple photos of you both. If it’s just you who’s looking to date a third, I would still suggest using one photo that includes your partner. It’s open and honest, and it’s likely that your primary and third will meet if you form a relationship.

If you’ve been online dating awhile, take another look at your profile to see if you can improve on your photo choices.

For more information on this subject, check out 8 Tips: How To Choose the Right Profile Photo.

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