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Open Relationships vs Polyamory

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Many people confuse open relationships with polyamory relationships. They may not know the standard definitions or they may have written their own rules. In each relationships there is usually a primary couple, but it’s how they interact socially and sexually with others that varies between open and poly couples.

Differences and Similarities

Open Relationships

1. Primary couples agree that they are both allowed to have sex outside the relationship.
2. Details of sexual encounters are often not to be discussed.
3. Couples are not looking for love in outside relationships.
4. Outside relationships are not usually long-term.
5. Casual hookups sometimes occur with friends.
6. Primaries don’t introduce their hookups to their partner.
7. There is not always are primary couple but individuals that have many casual partners.

Poly Relationships

1. Primary couples negotiate whether they want to date separately or together.
2. Couples talk about the feelings they have with thirds.
3. Couples look for love with more than their primary.
4. Partners seek long lasting deep relationships with others.
5. Sex is not casual and meaningles.
6. Primaries meet their partner’s lovers and form bonds with them as well.
7. There is usually a primary with a deep meaningful relationship.

You may define your relationship differently from other poly or open couples. That’s okay, what matters most in both poly and open relationships is that primaries and individuals involved discuss and agree on how their relationship(s) is defined.

How do you define your relationship?

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