8 Erogenous Zones to Explore

Do you know where a woman’s erogenous zones are? You may think between her legs or the nape of her neck, and you’re right! But there are many more places of the female anatomy worth paying attention to. The map of a woman’s body should be explored with a focus on her erogenous zones, places you’ll be glad you visited. And she will, too! Now, go explore…

1. Vagina and Clitoris
Going to get this one out of the way, but it is by no means where you should start. She’ll feel things here when you’re touching her elsewhere. Always be willing to improve your tongue and finger skills and know that every vagina is different. Let a woman be your guide. Respond to her reactions and don’t be afraid to ask what she likes.

2. Breasts and Nipples
Super sensitive area for women to be fondled and played with. Find out her breast play preferences – licking or sucking, nibbling or squeezing – and go from there. All the better if you have a breast fetish.

3. Inner Thighs
Caress, kiss, lick, and stroke this sensual smooth area to turn her on.

4. Butt
This may be your fave female body part, I know it is for a lot of men. How much hands-on attention a woman likes here varies greatly. She may just want the odd pat or rub on the behind. Or maybe, she wants a good spank or some penetration – finger to cock. Take your time, find out what she wants, then accomodate.

5. Neck
Feeling a man’s warm breath on the nape of her neck, can give a woman chills. Take it a bit further with gentle kissing, licking, and a little light nibbling. This should be included in every man’s foreplay manual.

6. Ears
This delicate body part is perfectly shaped for running your tongue along its outer and inner layers. The lobe is there to suck and nibble after you’ve given the nape of her neck attention. And while you’re there, why not whisper a few dirty words.

7. Feet
Nothing feels better than a foot massage. Most women love having their feet rubbed – the soles, toes, and ankles. Licking and sucking usually only happens with foot fetishists and with women who are comfortable with their feet. Beware of the tickle factor as this isn’t usually a turn on.
8. Mouth and Lips
Remember how exciting kissing was when you were a teenager. Explore her mouth and aim to be the best kisser ever. Some women like a little more tongue than others. Follow her lead to find out her specific turn ons.

There are more female body parts to explore, but these are the top places that will make most women wet and wanting more. We all have our own sexual oddities, so don’t forget to share and ask for what you want.

What female body part do you love exploring?

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