Meet the Women Who Cuckold their Men

For many men, there is absolutely nothing hotter than the idea of the woman they love having sex with another male.

Do Women Like Cuckolding?

Cuckolding is an incredibly common male fantasy. Part of it is simply in watching—in the sight, real or imaginary. Part of it is the idea that their wife is so horny she can’t help herself. Part of it is in the widespread curiosity about other men’s virility, in the idea that it takes more than he has himself to satisfy her needs. Part of it is the perceived gender power reversal: She’s in charge. A big part of it is in the exquisite erotic humiliation of her choosing another male.

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But what about women who cuckold? Do women who cuckold enjoy it? Is it a fetish or kink for them, or just something they want to do to tease, torture, humiliate and turn on the man they love?

The answer of course, is yes, some women who cuckold enjoy cuckolding. Some women fantasize about cuckolding or make it happen for their own desire, lust, need, and will. Some women who cuckold do it to turn their husbands on, and some of those women enjoy it immensely. Some women who cuckold enjoy it but didn’t fantasize or desire it in advance of the situation. It just turned out that way.

And some women don’t enjoy cuckolding. They may have given it a go, but decided it wasn’t for them. They may have chosen not to engage in cuckolding at all, even if it was presented to them.

Quite a few women enjoy fantasizing about cuckolding, by themselves or in role play or dirty talk with their man. But they don’t want to make it a reality. For others, in fantasy or reality, cuckolding does nothing for them, or is even a turn off.

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Why Do Women Cuckold Their Husbands?

Just as there are so many different responses from women who cuckold, there are many different reasons women cuckold their husbands.

Some women who cuckold do so because it turns their husband on so much, because he asked her to try it.

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Some women love the reverse of gender power in cuckolding and get turned off by the power exchange dynamic. Feeling like a goddess, or being in the driver’s seat, is an aphrodisiac for many women, and cuckolding is one way to play that out.

Some women who cuckold love the focus and attention it brings from the man they love and other men they sleep with. Being desired, appreciated, and feeling beautiful and sexually alluring are potent forms of excitement.

Some women who cuckold do so because they do require multiple males to satisfy their libido.

Some women who cuckold enjoy the sexual variety afforded to them.

Some enjoy the taboo or the idea of having a secret from the neighbors and family.

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Some women who cuckold love their husband for his intellect, earning power, sensitive spirit, role as a great dad, his amazing poetry, you name it. But sexually, she depends on someone younger and stronger or a male who has a bigger dick or bigger muscles. While this is perhaps more often the fantasy of the male about his wife and her young bull, sometimes it is exactly this way for her, too.

Some women who cuckold love it because they enjoy showing off their beauty, their body, their allure. They may enjoy being admired or simply be performative, dramatic personalities. The exhibitionist in her may really get off on being watched by her husband and turning him on.

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Some women love the exciting sex they have with their husband after they’re with another man. Many talk about how he becomes like a wild animal and they love the passion.

How Many Women Are Into Cuckolding?

There aren’t many studies on consensual cuckolding, although that may change as it is one of the most popular kinks, or lifestyles, and interest in cuckolding is rising. More men and more women are open about their desire to be in different kinds of kinky, non-monogamous relationships, and in female-led relationships.

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For now, there are few studies, and fewer still focused on women who cuckold.

However, Dr. Justin Lehmiller wrote a book called Tell Me What You Want. He surveyed 4175 American people about their sexual desires. One of the topics was what he referred to as “exhibitionist cuckolding” or fantasizing about being watched while making love.

Forty percent of heterosexual women fantasized about their partner watching them make love to someone else. Fifty two percent of men fantasized about voyeuristic cuckolding, or about watching their girlfriend or wife make love to another man.

Meet Women Who Cuckold

“It started by accident. An old flame from college ended up attending the NGO holiday party my husband and I were both part of organizing. Trevor could feel the vibe, and I told him Marty and I had had some steamy hookups. I thought he was jealous or miffed, but later that night he was like all over me and we had incredible sex.

He kept asking about what it was like, really wanting to imagine every filthy detail. Over the next few weeks he kept asking if Marty had been in touch or if I had fantasized about him. I wasn’t all that interested in Marty, to be honest. It was fine, but it wasn’t a particularly sentimental or memorable fling, just part of student life.

I told him I was not interested in Marty and he didn’t have to worry, even if Marty showed up again at one of the charity events. That’s when he told me, he wasn’t worried, but he was hoping. He said he had always wanted me to have a man on the side and tell him all about it. So we decided to go for it the next time an opportunity arose.” – Emily, 36

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“I only date men who are willing to worship the ground I walk on, otherwise, honestly, what’s the point? I’m not one of those girls who clings to scraps and begs for more. I want men who know my worth from the outset and appreciate being with a queen. In turn, I give them their every desire.

I’m also non-monogamous because I need variety sexually and I don’t want to limit myself to a sentimental notion of one person. So I date polyamorous guys. But one profile caught my eye, from a real beauty who said he was on the submissive side. He explained that he wanted his woman to have multiple relationships, but he wanted to be monogamous.

This is how I found myself learning about the world of cuckolding. I admit that I totally get off on all of it. In my heart all along I think I wanted polyamory for me, but a man who was faithful to me. It’s a match made in heaven.” – Marie Anne, 28

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“The first time I ‘cheated’ on Mark (something he wanted) he helped me pick out the lingerie and shoes and dress that I wore on the date. I agreed to text him throughout the evening and let him know the intimate details as they unfolded.

I enjoyed showing off and I enjoyed the steamy sex we had later, with me not showering and still smelling of another man. But it took some practice for me to get into the swing of the erotic humiliation part. I didn’t like feeling cruel but Mark explained to me that things like small penis humiliation are fantasy—the cuckold imagines the bull’s cock is massive and that the woman is so horny she is insatiable, that kind of thing.

Mark’s penis isn’t small! But the idea of his wife with a bull is something of mythic proportions in his mind. It took some practice, but it excites him so much that I’ve gotten the hang of it and I can’t lie, I enjoy the ritual of it, the anticipation, the seduction of other men, the shock when I tell them I’m married and they’re part of my man’s fantasies, the whole shebang.” – Jannalie, 33

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“I always fantasized about being a hotwife, but I didn’t really see myself that way. I’m a normal, middle-aged, average, BBW administrative assistant. But Miguel was always telling me how he noticed men noticing me, and how it turned him on.

He encouraged me to wear bodycon dresses and high heels when we went for dinner, with lacy underthings. The dates became a kind of foreplay because I would get so excited by attracting attention and from the way it turned Miguel on. The sex was always super intense.

We only cuckold in fantasy. But I tell him dirty stories about the young waiter bending me over the sink or about servicing the valet in the backseat. I love that I have turned into a vixen and how horny that makes both of us!” – Robin, 41

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Are you in a cuckold relationship? Why does this dynamic work for you?

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