How to Cuckold Your Husband

Does the taboo of cuckolding your husband turn you on?

Do you get an extreme rush from the desires of other men, then again by your husband’s crestfallen expression and raging boner when he notices?

Many men secretly dream of being cuckolded, and women who want to cuckold their husbands may be attracted by the idea of their own desirability, the taboo of sneaking around, or the thrill of power to humiliate their husbands, and much more.

The cuckolding kink is sexually and psychologically complex with intense layers of arousal and pleasure.

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8 Tips for Cuckolding Your Husband

If you want to make cuckolding your husband a reality, here’s how to get started.

1. Talk about Fantasy and Desire, as well as Boundaries

Maybe you already know your husband wants to be cuckolded, or that he has cuckolding fantasies. If it’s something he has hinted at, or if he has shown you cuckolding porn or erotica more than once, then your fantasies may already be a match.

If the subject has never come up, it can be harder to start the conversation. But it will be exciting to discover where you’re both at.

If cuckolding is pretty far out of the range of the kind of sex and fantasy life you’ve had, that doesn’t mean it’s off the table. Most men love it when the woman takes charge, and most men fantasize about you in bed with another man.

It’s also important to talk about boundaries and limits in conversations about fantasies. How far do your cuckolding fantasies go? How much would you hypothetically want for real?

Cuckquean with her bull and cuckold husband.

2. Switch the Context of Your Affairs Psychologically

If you’re a polyamorous couple, then you may already have other lovers but you are discreet, or he does not feel humiliated by the idea.

You are halfway to cuckolding because you’re both already comfortable with the idea of you and other men. You just want to change the psychology in order to make your husband a cuckold.

Adding in a little taboo, and bringing home narrative details or humiliating him subtly by letting him know he could never please you the way your young lover does may be all you need. Closing his bedroom to other women can also change gears to make your husband your cuckold.

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3. Start with Cuckold Fantasy and Roleplay

Make your husband your cuckold in your dreams—and his—if not in real life, or before it becomes real life.

Countless couples enjoy the cuckolding kink from within secure monogamy. Some are polyamorous, but cuckolding is their fantasy and kink, and doesn’t extend to the way they interact with other actual lovers. And for many more, cuckolding role play is the first step to real play.

Enjoy cuckolding porn and erotica together. Act out fantasies, like asking him to help you shop for lingerie for your “date” with the pool guy. Narrate humiliating fantasies while you make love. Or play at femdom games if you both have kinky fantasies.

Cuckolding can involve humiliation kinks, chastity play, and lots of dominance and submission.

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cuckold your man with roleplay first

4. Flirt with Other Men

Whether you will cuckold your husband or keep it to fantasy alone, cuckold play can get very exciting when both of you enjoy the thrill of you flirting with other men.

Spend the evening with him pampering your body and watching you put on makeup and a killer little black dress. Wear high heels. Go for a fancy dinner or martinis at an airport bar, and have him eat his heart out while you strut your stuff.

Both of you can get off on the attention you attract from other men.

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5. Kiss and Tell

Cuckolding your husband is easy when you realize that all you have to do is involve him in the affairs you are already having—or imaginary ones.

Come home tousled and revved up, with runs in your nylons. Tell him in aching detail about the attention you attracted at the office party. Tell him about how you mounted your boyfriend and took his whole cock inside of you.

6. Find a Bull Together

One of the most exciting aspects of cuckolding your husband is choosing a bull together. You can rub his nose in the fact that other men are younger, hotter, fitter, and more virile than he is, not to mention more endowed.

If you have fantasies for Big Black Cock, or for a horny twenty year old dripping in testosterone, share your every desire.

Have your husband read your chats with potential bulls, listen in on your sexy calls. Masturbate and share your bull fantasies out loud. Let him pick the lucky guy who gets to fuck you next.

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husband and wife looking for cuckold bull online

7. Live the Hotwife Dream

If being a hotwife is your dream, live your dreams. Express your dominant side and start commanding the attention and attraction you deserve, at home and beyond.

Whether you cuckold your husband or just enjoy the fantasies together, you and your husband—and the rest of the guys—will love you taking charge.

Start dressing the way you do in your fantasies. Go all out on the sexy even if it’s just jeans—go for tight jeans and high heels, or whatever makes you feel hot. Bask in the attention you command.

Practice becoming more dominant and confident, in and out of the bedroom. The more you become what you aspire to be, the more natural it will feel, and the more your cuckold husband will thrill to your power.

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8. Make Him Watch

Trust me, when you cuckold your husband he wants to watch.

Asking him to watch too soon can be problematic only if you are still on the shy side. Wait until you are dying to show off your dripping pussy, and rub his face in what you are getting on the side.

The more you practice being dominant and in charge of your sexuality, the more confident you become in your body, and the more you see your husband’s sexual excitement at every humiliation, the hotter it will be when you make him watch.

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Do you want to cuckold your husband, or are you already? Please share!

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