Best Sex Toys for Couples

An easy way for couples to expand, explore, and experiment with sex is to play with sex toys. But what are the best sex toys for couples?

Sex toys, once called “marital aids,” are a wide variety of specially designed novelty devices, objects, and props that can help enhance sexual pleasure for those playing solo, for couples, and for groups.

Most of us have incorporated sex toys into our sex life, one way or another. Age-old classics like the dildo are familiar to most people. Swings, vibrating panties, vagina eggs, sex dolls and more are all sex toys. They range from very simple—a feather tickler—to very elaborate, such as a BDSM fuck machine.

Sex toys can enhance solo masturbation, but sex toys for couples offer a wonderful playground for lovers to explore.

Why Use Sex Toys During Sex?

Couples use sex toys during sex for many different reasons.

Sex toys for couples can introduce novelty and switch up the routine. It’s always fun to try something new and see how it feels.

Sex toys for couples provide shared experiences, where couples can build on pleasure and memories. They can be about exploring fantasies or incorporating one or both lover’s fantasies into sex.

Using different sex toys can increase intimacy, self-confidence, bonding, trust, and pleasure.

Sex toys are important to some lovers because it may be the only way they can orgasm or the easiest way to orgasm. For example, many women take a long time to orgasm and using a vibrating sex toy as a couple can help her get there faster, if she wants to.

Sex toys are fun to play with—they are toys after all! And that might be the best reason of all, to keep couples having fun.

10 Sex Toys Couples Love

1. Dildo

The dildo is much older than you might expect. Humans have been fashioning penetration toys out of stone and bone for as long as history has left traces. We have relics from cave days. We have royal specimens in jade. Today’s dildo comes most often in silicone, but it comes in every shape and size and color imaginable.

Dildos are great sex toys for couples. Use them for double penetration, for longevity when he needs a break, or to play with different sizes, larger and smaller, for different sensations.

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three silicone dildos

2. Classic Wand Vibrator

The big magic wands are powerful vibration tools and for the many, many women who can’t get off with gentle purring, they are literally the gods gift to women.

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3. Strap-On Dildo and Harness

The strap-on is one of the best sex toys for couples. There isn’t much that’s hotter than seeing a woman try on a cock. You might want to try playing with a bit of femdom, and if that’s not your cup of tea, pegging can be an intimate, sensual, egalitarian experience, too.

If she doesn’t want to play with male penetration, she can still enjoy thrusting and wielding that dick—rub it between his legs, against his belly, or between his ass cheeks.

A strap-on dildo is also something he can wear to use on her—a permanent erection at her service!

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4. Bullet Vibrators

These tiny things are delightfully portable. They fit into the small jeans pocket, you know the one that no one’s been able to figure out what it’s for.

These come smaller than a pinkie finger in every color of the rainbow. They’re a staple of my toy box, whether I’m flying solo or flying with you. They are far more discreet than giant wands, and can be pressed against my clit while you’re inside me. And they are underrated as nipple stimulators, his or hers.

5. Clitoral Suckers

The rabbit vibrator made history for at least thinking about the clitoris, but many women don’t find the mechanics of it line up quite right—one of those things that works in theory.

The new generation of sex toys are created with clitoral suction or alternately, blowing, and other methods of stimulation just for her. These toys rock. Enjoy experimenting with different ways of pleasuring her clit with these great sex toys for couples.

6. Butt Plugs

You can always up the pleasure principle by adding a bit of anal play. Butt plugs are safe ways to stimulate the back door. If a little goes a long way, the finger-sized plugs are very popular for both men and women. If you’re ready for the big time, get something large and enjoy the ride.

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butt plug sex toys for couples

7. Bondage Restraints

Bondage restraints like ankle cuffs, ropes, or handcuffs are some of the best sex toys for couples. You can be into serious BDSM or not all that kinky—doesn’t matter. Adding a bit of restraint is a delicious way to change things up and enjoy new sensations together.

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8. Sex Swing

The sex swing still has a reputation of being for athletic, acrobatic sex. There are many kinds of swings and ways to use them, and the swing is an amazing sex toy for couples who are not just Olympians at the age of 22, but all ages and abilities.

Sex swings and sex slings can make different positions possible for couples with injuries, joint problems, and other challenges. They can help support the body and suspend it to allow all kinds of pleasure possibilities for everyone.

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9. Remote Control Vibrators

Remote control vibrators such as partner-driven panties and other novelty sex toys for couples are fun to indulge in.

Thanks to a steamy night with a biker babe, remote control vibrators are what I think about whenever I hear the song “You Shook Me All Night Long.” Whether you’re looking to shake, rattle and roll, or just hoping for good vibrations, it’s still rock ‘n’ roll to me.

Colorful Vibrator sex toys for couples

10. Lube Bonanza

We don’t think of lube as a sex toy, but more along the lines of something to hide away in the medicine cabinet. But lube should be proudly displayed on your nightstand because it’s so important to her positive experience.

Get a library of lubes going. Play with different formulas, flavors, colors, and temperatures. Use it on boobs and butt cheeks, try slippery wrestling, use it for foot massage if you have a foot fetish. Be playful and experimental!

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What sex toys do you recommend for couples?

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