A Guide to Watching Your Wife Have Sex

Watching your wife have sex may not be at the top of your kinky wish list, as it is contrary to macho patriarchal standards. But under very mature circumstances, it is a truly SPECTACULAR idea for the both of you.

6 Reasons to Watch Your Lover Have Sex with Someone Else

1. Sexual Compersion

For all the excellent human beings who feel so magnanimously generous with their body and spirit that they extrapolate eroticism and support the sharing of sexuality, it’s a beautiful place to be when you cross paths with one another.

Being happy for your partner’s happiness is one of the most fundamentally mature and evolved ways a relationship can strengthen itself. I speak from first-hand experience that goes both ways.

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2. It’s Sexually Arousing

It’s a blissful experience to witness a long-term lover be ravished and enjoyed by many or one other person, and have them know that you are enjoying the show as well as primed and ready to add gasoline to the fire of fantasy.

Just being in the midst of a sexual frenzy is always hot. And when you know the person doing it, and it’s all free and consensual, it’s even hotter. I always take a moment after with my partner to look around and say, “Isn’t this beautiful… everyone being so fucking intimate with each other.”

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3. You Proudly Want to “Share” Your Partner

“Share” is in quotes because nobody actually owns anyone, ever, especially in polyamory and open relationships.

Being non-possessive is a wonderful way to experience a higher and broader dimension of sexual experiences, especially if you have chosen a committed long-term relationship with a person assuming the role of wife! Sharing is caring.

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4. As Part of a Threesome

The threesome is one of the first wishes of millions of people on the planet. It’s a great fantasy for a reason! If you like cake, why not have two cakes. If you like breasts, why not have four breasts. If you like mouths, double the trouble and pleasure to discover!

Threesomes push the boundaries because combinations can make things sexually possible that aren’t otherwise. And threesomes make friendships last forever… if people don’t get too bent outta shape, no pun intended!

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5. You’re Same-Room Swingers

Another excellent time involves watching each other fuck while being in the same room together. It’s such a bonding experience to give to each other, and it’s something that both expands fantasy and foundation.

You can half pretend you’re cheating, but enjoy the “cheating” together, haha. Some people aren’t ready for certain levels of sharing wives, so being in the same room really helps hold trust.

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6. You Have a Cuckold Fetish

Watching your wife have sex with someone else is a supremely special sharing level of life to rest your eternal memories upon. There’s a husband whose wife I’ve been happily fucking for years, and he’s enjoyed watching it so much. He used to watch it on a laptop from another town before wanting to watch up close in person.

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Last summer, he requested being underneath his wife while I fucked her doggy style! Now that’s a level of connection you don’t find every day, and we are GREAT friends after sharing such an evening. That wife is an angel to me, and her husband is not far behind.

Fucking someone’s wife is respectfully one of the most adult experiences I’ve ever known in life. It’s because the people were more inspired by love, sharing, and generosity than fear, ownership, and control. I have no complaints, and neither did the husbands or wives!

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How to Watch Your Partner Have Sex with Someone Else

Talk to Them about It Openly

Not having secrets with a wife is the glue for a relationship that can last for fifty years and beyond. There probably are a few tiny things people keep to themselves, but when it comes to sex and fantasy sharing, those who play together stay together.

Open relationships go against so much of what mainstream society and Hollywood romcoms teach millions of people. But please believe with all your heart and soul that talking about your desires openly can and should bring you together. It only causes damage when the actions and/or dialogue come from a selfish place or with ill intent.

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Go to a Sex Club Together

You don’t even have to have sex! It’s just fun to watch, it’s fun to dance in a new and untraditional Friday night environment, it’s educational, and it’s fun to meet new people in a new social atmosphere.

There is never any pressure in any healthy relationship for a wife to be shared at a sex club, but the opportunity is RIPE, so do what thou wilt, haha.

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Suggest a Threesome

This is a courageous question and quest to undertake, so tread delicately on firm ground. Never use a threesome to try and replace something that’s not there in a relationship.

Use a threesome as an extension and an exploration of what you are already appreciating in each other, and willing to celebrate and share with someone else. Sometimes just the fantasy of having the threesome can keep a wife and husband happy and hot for months!

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Try Swinging or Hotwifing

Going out to find swingers or bulls for your hotwife is a great way to satisfy your curiosity and discover things about your partner that you never knew. What a great time to be alive and sharing sexual fantasy!

Go to a convention, resort, sex club, swinger’s night, neighbor’s gathering, or wherever you can find locally on your internet and in your neighborhood. Be of good cheer and bring your best behavior, and have fun with one of the world’s most taboo attractions: The no-longer-forbidden wife.

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Romp away,
Sincerely, Addi “Malcolm Lovejoy” Stewart

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