How to Get Your Wife to Cuckold You

Do you fantasize about being cuckolded by your wife?

Men have been turned on by the idea of their wives with another man since the days of the cave. Today we call it cuckolding and work with it as a kinky fantasy, but long before it was simply a fact.

Any time a man found out that his wife or girlfriend was running around, that he was a cuckold, through the tears and betrayal and jealous anger and all the emotions was another bigger reality—a hard cock.

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There’s something so deliciously exciting about the idea that your wife was being mounted by a stud or bull while you were none the wiser.

And then, when you did know, every time she went out, every time she put on lipstick, every time she went dancing with her girlfriends, you had a heady combination of horror and hard-on in the not knowing.

You turned every cuckold possibility over in your mind. Was she on top of him, swiveling that beautiful body that was all yours? Did she need him because his cock was huge and he could last for hours?

If you want to get your wife to cuckold you, you’ll have to open up and share those fantasies with her. She may not want to hurt you and will need to know that you crave the intensity of humiliation, femdom, voyeurism, and whatever else is in it for you personally to become a cuckold.

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5 Tips to Get Your Wife to Cuckold You

Getting your wife to cuckold you involves communication, fantasy, and new kinds of sex. Here are a few suggestions that can help you realize your cuckolding dreams.

1. Share Your Cuckolding Fantasies

To get your wife to cuckold you, it all starts with letting her know your desires. You might feel vulnerable sharing your fetishes and fantasies, especially if they are very different from the kind of sex life or relationship you have now. But your wife needs to know them and she needs to get used to them.

And if you want to get your wife to cuckold you, you have to start someplace so she can get used to the idea, and so cuckolding can start to grow on her.

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man sharing his cuckold fantasies with his wife.

2. Change the Arrangements

If you’re already polyamorous, you might have a different kind of policy, such as don’t ask, don’t tell. She may already be pursuing other lovers but you know about it and agreed to it in advance.

If this is the case, you’re already halfway there. What needs to change is the psychology, and the level of involvement. Maybe her affairs at the moment have nothing to do with you. You’ve both agreed to have other lovers, and she doesn’t “rub them in your face.”

This is an easy switch. You just need to have a conversation about being included in those affairs—by being excluded, if you will. Change the psychology where she respects your space and feelings so that now she torments you with her lovers.
Ask to hear about her exploits.

An easy transitional step for polyamorous couples is simply to have her share her dirty deeds with you up close and personal. When she makes love to another man, instead of the discretion you may both be used to, ask her to share the filthy details with you.

If you are monogamous currently or not seeing other lovers at the moment, start with asking her to share her fantasies about other men or past encounters with you.

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3. Put Her in the Driver’s Seat

Let her know you want to change gears in the bedroom and in polyamorous styles so that she is more dominant and in control of the rules and the sex.

By stepping into female-led relationship territory, you are opening doors to new pleasures for both of you wherein she’ll get a taste of what’s to come if she makes you a cuckold.

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Dominant Woman with cuckold husband.

4. Play Cuckolding Games Together

Lots of couples play cuckolding games together even if they don’t play with others.

You might get your wife to cuckold you by playing cuckold kinks in role play or fantasy, with femdom fetishes or chastity kinks. Read cuckold erotica together and watch cuckold porn, and enjoy the hot humiliation and the sexy intensity of fantasy.

Lots of people enjoy their sexual fantasies to the fullest without playing them out in real time. And lots of people discover through fantasy play and exploring new kinks that they want to try living those fantasies out loud. You might even get your wife to cuckold you and think it’s her idea or desire in the first place!

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5. Discuss Boundaries or Difficulties Openly

Just as you both need to share your fantasies to know what each longs for, you’ll need to discuss your fears, limits, boundaries, and turn offs. You’ll never get your wife to cuckold you if she is repulsed by the idea or bored by it and isn’t able to work through those things with you.

Many women need to embrace their dominant side before they get comfortable with cuckolding, for example, and by discussing how much it turns you on she may start to get aroused too.

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Other boundaries can include the metamour. A woman may not want to involve another lover in her fantasy sex life because she doesn’t have his consent to do so. Using her private life with him may not feel right even if her husband enjoys the humiliation.

One solution to these concerns is for her to find a new lover who is a bull who enjoys the idea of fucking a guy’s wife in front of him. You can get your wife to cuckold you by opening up about possible roadblocks so that you can find ways through together.

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Are you already in a cuckolding relationship? Please share your story!

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