Cuckold Fantasy and Roleplay Ideas

The cuckold kink is hot right now, and if it’s something that turns you on, consider enjoying cuckold fantasy and cuckold roleplay with your lover.

What are cuckold fantasy and cuckold roleplay ideas? As with other sexual fantasies, any time you want to enjoy the cuckolding kink but don’t want to cuckold in real life, cuckold fantasies are the way to incorporate the arousing fetish into your bedroom.

Why Cuckold Fantasy and Role Play Work

Some couples have one party who isn’t willing to go outside of their relationship. Others are both polyamorous, but find that cuckolding as a fantasy doesn’t have the same thrill in real play. Some find that playing it out breaks the taboo, and the taboo is the main thrill in the fantasy.

Other couples are not part of the poly community—they are monogamous but enjoy fantasizing and role play about anyone and everyone, but don’t actually open the door.

Others still are into the cuckolding lifestyle but don’t currently have any extra dates lined up or bulls of interest. Some are just trying out the cuckold kink to see if it does anything for them.

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Whatever your reasons, adding new cuckold fantasies and adventures to your lovemaking and enjoying new experiences together is the name of the game.

These cuckold roleplay ideas range from mild to intense and elaborate, so there is something for everyone!

9 Fantasy Only Cuckolding Ideas

1. Bedtime Stories

Telling stories while you fuck or before, or after, is an easy, playful way to share fantasies, try different fantasies out to see whether they excite, or talk dirty without running out of things to say.

You can tell her how you want to see her taking it slow and hard from a huge-dicked bull.

Or she can tell you about her past slutty adventures, real or imaginary—how she loved sucking huge cock, how she fucked two men in one night that she didn’t even know.

You can add a little role play. You can be fully clothed in the den, wondering why your wife is late for dinner, and have her come home a bit disheveled. She can wind you up evading your questions, then finally, spilling all the filthy details of the sex she just had (in her imagination) while she works your cock with her hand or mouth.

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2. Date Night

Rev things up outside the bedroom by going to a bar or restaurant. Your wife can dress up in the same outfit that drives you wild, or she can wear something uncharacteristically slutty.

If she’s on the shy side, she can just soak up all the turning heads while you witness the effect she’s having on other men. Even better, she can flirt with her eyes, facial expressions, chatting, and dancing with other men.

You’ll go home together for epic sex. You can share cuckold fantasies about specific encounters and possibilities from the evening.

3. Hotwife Show Off

Amp up the general idea of date night. If your wife is extroverted, dominant, or soaks up attention like the sun, then she can go all out to show off. She can wear a skin-tight dress, sky-high heels, and no underwear while dirty dancing or whatever she enjoys as the siren that she is.

If you’re near a beach or a park, she can sunbathe with a bikini that comes undone.

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4. Small Penis Humiliation

The erotic humiliation part of cuckold fetish is essential to the fantasy for many, and for lots of you, being mocked or emasculated because you can’t measure up to the bull is as important as imagining her taking another giant cock in her pussy or ass.

SPH and other kinds of erotic humiliation don’t require a third party. They are intense aspects of many couples exploring degradation, humiliation, and power exchange. So you can experiment with BDSM while fantasizing about cuckolding.

She can tell you stories about how you don’t measure up, and how her lover is so massive she can barely spread wide enough to take him in.

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5. Lingerie Shopping

Fancy a thrilling exercise in torture? Go lingerie shopping with your wife and help her pick out what she’s going to wear for another man. She can try on skin-tight jeans or a little black dress, and you can help her choose the sexiest pumps or strappy sandals, and whatever little lacy thongs you think he’ll like best.

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6. No Bull? No Problem

Role play that you are the bull, not the cuck.

If acting doesn’t come naturally to you, you can make it easy by dressing up—try on a military outfit, fitness coach gear, or a cop uniform. Play act that you are a stranger or her trainer or the parking cop. You can even meet outside and go back to a hotel.

You can wear a penis extender to play at having a larger dick.

Later, she can tell you all about the hot sex she had that afternoon with a stranger.

7. Cuckold Texting

Texting cuckold fantasies when you’re not together and masturbating or just revving up in the suspense can be delicious fun. Play act that she is on a dinner date with a bull or at a hotel, even if she’s really at her mother’s or the library.

You can experience the same suspense, anxiety, and hits of arousal as if she really was on a hot date, just by texting sordid details back and forth.

You can play this one out by deciding you’ll do it sometime, and that she’ll surprise you when.

That way, you can wonder the whole time if she really is on that date.

You can amp this up by her sharing porn pictures like big dick picks of the guy she is “with.”

8. Dogs Sleep on the Sofa

Role play at humiliation and denial. Your wife can prepare for her lover’s imaginary arrival in a hot bubble bath while you pick out her panties and bra and get the bedroom ready with fresh satin sheets, an ice bucket, some wine.

You have to stay on the sofa in the living room to watch TV or sleep while she spends the evening and night with her bull.

The cuckoldress can laugh loudly from the bedroom, and play porn loudly so you can imagine she’s inside with a lover.

9. Dildo Play

One of the easiest ways to role play another male doing her is to see her take a huge cock. She can masturbate while you watch. Use your imagination to bring him alive, and she can mock you and talk you through her hot fuck while she uses the dildo so you can see the penetration in action.

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You can bring the dildo to the bedroom together to imagine a threesome. “They” can humiliate you by asking you to suck him off, or suck her off of him.

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Are you a cuck? Or do you prefer to play at cuckolding? Do tell!

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