Cuckold Stories: 8 Cuckolding Confessions of Readers

Do you wonder what real life cuckold stories are like? Do you have a cuckold story of your own?

Cuckold fantasies and the cuckold kink are extremely popular. At its most basic level, cuckolding simply means that a guy’s girl is having sex with other men. Nearly every dude imagines this hot scenario at least occasionally, and most get extremely turned on by the idea.

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The cuckold is aroused by her lusty nature and the thought of her with other men. He is also humiliated because he is not enough to satisfy her sexually.

Cuckolding has an element of masochism and servitude to it. There’s a sexual rush in the humiliation of it. The cuckold may imagine that he can’t satisfy her because he’s not as young, virile, rich, hot, gorgeous or hung as are her bull lovers.

Erotic humiliation or erotic degradation are important aspects of the cuckold kink. It’s a submissive relationship that is female led. It is also polyamorous—for her, but not for him.

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Cuckolding can be a lifestyle or relationship style, it can be an occasional dalliance, or it can be a fantasy that couples play with but don’t act out.

If you have cuckold fantasies you may be curious about cuckolding stories from couples with cuckolding dreams or who are in the cuckold lifestyle. We were curious too so we asked readers for their true confessions and cuckold stories.

8 Real Life Cuckold Stories

1. Cuckold Fantasy to Reality

“Through my whole life of jerking off and fantasizing about sex, nothing made me harder or hotter than the thought of coming home and finding my girlfriend on all fours, back arched in ecstasy, while a big stud was pushing his cock into her from behind.

I’m very submissive, too, so the psychological hit was as important as the thrilling visuals. I begged every woman I dated to ‘surprise’ me like this. When I met the one who finally did, I married her.” – Simon, 34

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2. Cuckold Roleplaying

“My wife and I are and want to stay monogamous, but anything goes when it comes to sex, kink, or fantasy. Our favorite role play stuff is her coming home and telling me filthy stories about fucking other men while I’m on top of her.” – Jordie, 26

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3. Small Penis Humiliation (SPH) Cuckold

“I enjoyed sex as much as the next guy, but I was in my 40s and married when things changed dramatically forever. My wife cheated on me. I knew it when I saw her air drying lacy lingerie and stockings—they weren’t the kind of things she wore. Then I noticed she was wearing shorter skirts and skinnier jeans and ruby red lipstick.

The slow agony time-line of revelation added to the anticipation, the suspicions being confirmed were like a slow drip of humiliation. I couldn’t get the steamy pictures out of my mind, and the fear that went with them added a weird intensity and erotic thrill. Then, bam!

I had lived in terror all along that my dick is not big enough, being a bit shy of average. I think lots of guys on the smaller side have this obsession about the unfair distribution, no matter how many articles talk about other assets. We are waiting for the hammer to drop so to speak and finally get the truth—that she wants a bigger guy time to time, or all the time, but has to make do.

Because this stuff was always going on in my mind, alongside my normal horniness and always underneath any sex I had, when it finally happened, when she said yes, she was seeing someone else, because she needed a man-sized lover once in a while, my heart broke but I practically exploded in my pants.

Ultimately we got divorced but ever since I have been into cuckolding, small dick humiliation, and erotic degradation. I thank my ex in my mind every day.” – Malik, 54

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4. Finding a Bull Together

“We only did it once and in my fantasies I still live off of that night, when the girlfriend picked up a bull in the bar we were at and brought him back home for us.

I sat in the corner and watched, pathetically pulling on myself while she gave herself with an abandon I’ve never triggered in her. Her bull was beefy and hung like a horse. I was only watching, but it was the most intense sex I’ve ever had.” – Johnny, 26

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5. The Idea of Cuckolding

“I’ve always been really excited by the idea of the woman I love sneaking around to find sex elsewhere. The problem for me is that it just doesn’t have the same kick in role play or in a cuckolding arrangement where we both discuss it in advance and say we agree. So I’m stuck either dating women who cheat or trying to pretend it’s real.” – Jonah, 30

6. Looking for Cuckold Love

“Telling people you’re dating that you want to be a cuckold is a bit of a buzzkill. And telling your pals it’s your kink doesn’t necessarily fly either. You could say you’re into leather or threesomes or BDSM—but cuckolding? So I was quite surprised to find how common this fantasy and kink is when I joined a cuckold site.

I have a bit of experience with cuckold sessions with a few dates, but I want a full-time cuckolding relationship, being faithful to a woman who has a lot of different lovers. I want her to be dominant and willing to torture me with the gory details of sex with gorgeous lovers. I want to help her pick out her outfits and lingerie, I want to be forced to sleep in the messy sheets after.” – Charlie, 34

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7. My Hotwife Needs a Stable of Bulls

“Although I’m reasonably attractive and have a perfectly adequate, normal cock, I’m constantly thinking about my wife needing a huge dick. We role play and dirty talk, watch cuck porn, and use a huge dildo, but I recently told her I really want it to come true.

She has started posting on a dating site that she is looking for a lover with a massive dick, who is willing to perform in front of her other half. Nothing has even happened yet, but I’m rock hard all the time just thinking about her logging in and chatting with these horny dudes.” – Adam, 44

8. Cuckolding Kinks & BDSM

“I’m a real-life cuckold, twice over. My now ex-wife was doing my best friend for years, and I had no idea. Not fun.

I decided to date poly people to avoid the lies, but ended up seeing this very dominant and gorgeous woman. She wanted me to stay home while she ran around. Since we weren’t too serious, I played along and found out I’m quite submissive in the right hands, and consensually, the cuckolding experience is incredibly hot.

She fires me up with the filthiest exploits and introduced me to hot kinks like chastity play, bondage, and sissy boy fantasies. Never say never, guys, that’s all I can say!” – Davie, 30

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Do you have cuckold fantasies or are you living the cuckold dream? Do tell!

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