Hotwife 101: What Is the Hotwife Lifestyle?

Are you curious about hotwifing, or the hotwife lifestyle?

The hotwife lifestyle is one of the hottest lifestyles going today!

Hotwifing is red-hot-chili-pepper hot because it is a female-driven relationship style where the woman experiences the ultimate in sexual freedom. She takes on as many lovers as she desires. Her husband or partner finds it wildly exciting to imagine her sexy adventures, and knows he is lucky because he is the one she is married to or partnered with.

What Is a Hotwife?

A hotwife is the wife part of the hotwifing relationship or hotwife lifestyle.

There’s the male partner or husband, and the woman he is married to or committed to—the wife. The hot wife.

The hotwife is a highly sexual woman, and she is in charge of her sexuality. She cannot be satiated by one male, no matter how attractive or well endowed he is, because she is so hot.

The hotwife part of the hotwife lifestyle is as the title suggests, gorgeous. Her husband is not a cuckold like another related kink where the female takes many lovers to humiliate her partner.

The hotwife’s husband is not humiliated. He is turned on knowing how many men sexually desire his wife. He gets off hearing about her exploits and sexual adventures. He is rewarded for “letting” her fuck whomever she pleases because she is so damn beautiful and alluring.

The hotwife is dominant in that she leads the relationship and does what she pleases, but usually not in the traditional sense of the word. Her husband is not submissive. Rather, he is satiated. She fills everything he needs, and he is insanely turned on by how sexy she is and how men drool over her. He worships her but is confident and secure in his masculinity. Her desires for other men don’t humiliate him because he is the one who has the trophy. She is, after all, his wife. His hotwife.

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In some cases, the male is dominant and his hotwife is a very attractive submissive who wants to please him, so she seeks out other males because it turns him on. He loves to hear kinky stories about her real encounters, or watch them himself.

The hotwife in the hotwife lifestyle is seldom a traditional dominant or submissive because the relationship, while female driven in the sense that he is hers alone, is not parallel to classic cuckolding or femdom lifestyles, or to submissive females and dominant men. It is in a sense a very egalitarian relationship. She is hot and horny, and he likes to share—or watch.

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What Is the Hotwife Lifestyle?

Having a wife so hot that every man wants to fuck her, and imagining all the guys doing whatever she wants to her, is a very common fantasy. Just about every man is turned on by the idea that his wife is drop-dead gorgeous, and insatiable, and by the idea of her getting fucked by other men.

But for some guys the fantasy stops there. Reality doesn’t work that way for them, just as some of us jerk off to the idea of a threesome but find them awkward in real life, or any other fantasy that we don’t particularly long to bring to life.

The hotwife lifestyle on the other hand is all about bringing the fantasy to life.

Living the hotwife life entails many things—a hotwife is at the center of it, of course. She wants to fuck different men and does so whenever she pleases. Her husband gives his full consent.

In the hotwife lifestyle, the husband or male partner does not seek other female lovers. Instead, he gets off by hearing about her sexual encounters, imagining his hotwife with other men, watching the hotwife seduce other men, and by being her husband, or stag.

The hotwife’s lovers are called bulls. They are sexual relationships only. They are very attractive males, usually well-endowed and fit, to match her hotness and live up to the expectations of her stag, although she does the choosing.

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The hotwife lifestyle includes the hotwife (sometimes called the vixen), her stag, and her bulls. Her stag is involved, and she pleases him sexually through sex, by parading her assets, to sharing her experiences with her bulls, and most importantly, by being his wife.

How to Become a Hotwife or Part of a Hotwife Relationship

If you want to become a hotwife or be in a hotwife relationship, the first thing you want to do is encourage your partner to be open to the idea.

If you are reading this, you and/or your partner are quite likely polyamorous, and may already be open to one of you having other lovers.

To turn your wife into a hotwife, you can start by treating her like the queen she is, encouraging her to wear sexy dresses and shoes or splurging on shopping sprees and hair stylists, then show your appreciation when other men take notice.

If you want to be the hotwife, approach your man and find out how tangible his fantasies of you getting fucked by some stud are in real life.

The hotwife lifestyle is a luxury lifestyle, so even if that luxury is just fantasy, act as if you are “rich” in every sense of the word. Dress to the nines, and live sexy. It’s not just a one time act, but a relationship and lifestyle that drips with sex and glamour season after season.

If you are both more laid back than that, try the hotwife fantasy out on occasion instead. It won’t be too hard to find a bull who wants to have her while you watch, and you can both glam it up to the max.

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Are you interested in the hotwife lifestyle? Or already living the fantasy?

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