Cuckold and Hotwife Blogs, Forums, and Erotica

What cuckold blogs or hotwife forums are you looking at for ideas to titillate and excite?

You can find kink and lifestyle ideas, plus relationship and health information, along with steamy erotica in a wide variety of hotwife and cuckolding blogs.

Cuckold forums and hotwife blogs too can present different perspectives, depending which one you’re reading. Some are from the point of view of the cuckold and others are from the hotwife. Some are focused on stories or true confessions, but come cuckold forums will be more about information exchange.

You’ll probably appreciate different hotwife blogs or forums for cuckolds depending what mood you’re in at the time and what you are looking for.

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10 Cuckold and Hotwife Blogs and Websites

1. Cuckold Church: Cuckold Confessions

The Cuckold Church forum is all about confessions from cuckolds, with the opportunity for other readers to comment. “Confess to me your deepest, darkest secrets. I promise I’ll only share them with… everyone,” reads the description.

The idea is to have a space to talk about your cuckolding dreams, experiences and fantasies, then have other cuckolds or readers add their two cents. The concept is great and hopefully it will catch on or get updated more frequently as right now it is a bit sparse.

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2. Becca Bellamy: Cuckold Blog and Stories

In this hotwife and cuckold forum, hotwife Becca Bellamy gives advice to cuckolds and hotwives for very specific scenarios, such as “A Guide to Verbally Humiliating Your Cuckold” and “What to Expect When Cleaning Your First Cuckold Creampie.”

She also offers cuckold stories and gorgeous photos. Most of Becca’s cuckold blog is behind a paywall, but check out what’s on offer because if she’s your type or her stories are your flavor, it’s a deluxe deal. She offers a Cuckold Humiliation Handbook and audios of her reading erotic cuckolding stories as well.

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3. Cuckin: Cuckold Stories and Guides

This cuckold blog is all about cuckold guides, advice, and stories. It is a cuckold, hotwife and bull community, started up by a cuckold and his hotwife.

“We created this site to share our own experiences and advice and give others inside the lifestyle a safe place to come and learn about this fantasy/kink and the lifestyle that comes with it,” reads the site. “It’s now grown to a beautiful community where others can also share their advice and experiences too.”

Because this cuckold blog is by a real cuckold and his hotwife girlfriend, the articles and stories are relevant to real life cuckolding rather than just fantasies of how that might be.

There are loads of sexy pictures, tips on getting your wife to hotwife, porn gifs, info on hotwife transformation, and even more beyond the paywall. A great cuckold and hotwife blog.

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4. Husband to a Hotwife: Hotwife Blog

The husband to a hotwife blog is just that—a husband recounting his fantasies and sexy experiences with his hotwife. Every two weeks, he gives some racy details about his latest encounters and desires. You can use this hotwife blog to share erotica together or for jerking off solo.

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5. Secret Vixen: Hotwife Blog

The Secret Vixen is a true confessions hotwife blog as a woman in her 30s shares stories of her erotic hotwifing experiences.

This beautiful blog is elegantly organized and classy.

A bonus is the Secret Stag category, a similar stag blog within the hotwife blog.

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6. Cuckold Marriage: Cuckold Forums and Chat

This is an excellent cuckold and hotwife blog, full of terrific information. It has a very positive perspective, expressing the view that cuckolding is a natural and healthy wife-centric relationship style.

“Cuckolding takes the foundation of a stable, loving marriage and extends it to include one or more males who play a specific, sexual role within the relationship.” This blog has been around since 1996, before cuckolding became mega trendy, and has a vast array of information for couples.

While there is plenty here to get aroused from, including some amazing photos, it is a serious blog with mature discussions taking place in its forums on topics like enforced chastity, submissive couples, interracial relationships, and much more. There are chats for connecting with others seeking bulls and so on.

The purpose of the website is to promote this natural and intimate kind of relationship to those who want to explore it, fostering a deeper intimacy for couples. “This lifestyle will bring a couple even closer emotionally than ever before—even for couples who already have a good relationship.

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7. Cuckold Couples: Cuckold Blog and Stories

Cuckold Couples is another cuckold blog with a positive focus on relationship intimacy.

The bloggers write, “The motivations for beginning a cuckold relationship differ widely, for some couples it is a casual sex opportunity while at the other end of the spectrum it offers relief for a wife whose husband is inadequate or incapable. In between are couples who are experimenting and exploring their sexuality.

Cuckolding attracts a lot sensationalism but it is a serious interest and deserves to be treated as such.”

That’s what you will find here—the full range, addressing the various motivations seriously and providing an array of information. There is also a lot of erotica available affordably.

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8. Want Her to Cheat: Cuckold Erotica

This cuckold blog is not just erotica or smut, it’s mind candy.

As in, “Want Her to Cheat dreams up decadent mind-candy for the open-minded men, women, and couples ready to be seduced by tales of liberated hotwives and gratified cuckold husbands.”

Hundreds of blazing hot stories!

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9. RandR: Hotwife Erotica

Take My Wife Please is a true confessions style cuckold blog with countless variations on the theme for readers who can’t get enough hotwife erotica.

10. Wife Wants to Play: Hotwife Forum

Wife Wants to Play is a hotwife forum and cuckold chat about the hotwife and cuckold lifestyle. Join discussions on fantasy, cuckold chastity, how to convince your wife, bisexual cuckolds, and much more.

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Are you living your cuckold or hotwife fantasies? Dare to share!

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