5 Tips for Sex with Another Man’s Wife

Have you been invited to have sex with another man’s wife? Here’s how it’s done.

We all share certain sexual fantasies. And some cliché fantasies do come from genuine places and actual scenarios, whether it’s having sex with your college professor or a beautiful stranger in an elevator, or having sex with another man’s wife.

The fantasy of being with someone’s wife is rarely turned into reality. And ONLY in the MOST healthy, mature, communicative, integrity-based and genuine environments can it be successful.

I’ve done it a few times, literally “had my way” with another man’s wife while he watched from the other side of the room, and I would like to share some of the insights that I gained to make your experience a win-win-win!

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1. Let the Couple Communicate their Boundaries

It’s quite rare that a man gets to initiate a rendezvous with a married couple, but regardless of who initiates the idea of the threesome, it’s the married couple who needs to stay intact after all is said and done. And this is why they get to decide the dimensions of the debauchery, ha. If they say “no kissing,” that’s the law. If they say “no anal,” then enjoy the vagina and don’t even think about Play Hole #3.

Discuss what everyone is willing to share and do, and what is NOT okay to do (which might be more important to express, actually). No one should contact anyone else’s body until this is all completely understood.

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2. Meet in a Location that Feels Comfortable for Everyone

A hotel is always great, of course, but not always affordable. They may want it away from their home for discretion purposes, but they also may want to host for the comfortability. There’s also the possibility of meeting up at a sex club, but it still has to be somewhere that everyone can talk, touch, kiss, hold, watch, fuck, and step out for a breather if they need to do that.

What the dynamic is, all three playing or just two, will also be a factor when choosing the appropriate play space.

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3. Take Things Slowly, One Step at a Time

Okay, this is where marriages get tested, and we put the sex wheels on the skin road. The husband may be sitting in a chair across the room, watching, or he may be directing, or be a full-on participant. Know what’s what before it goes down.

The wife may be on the bed, horny yet hesitant, ready but maybe also resisting a little. No matter who you are, you have to do ONE thing more than anything else: TAKE. IT. SLOW. Slow hand movements. Slow touch. Slow words. Slow progress. For God’s sake, do NOT go outside the boundaries of acceptable behavior if you’ve made it this far.

Whether her husband is just watching or not, be cool and take it all slow. Speak to each other if need be, in calm voices that clearly express comfort or discomfort—green, yellow, or red lights in the motion of intimacy.

If a full-on fuck session is permitted, ask both of them if and when they feel ready for any foreplay activities that might precede sex. “Is it cool if I eat your wife’s pussy?” “Is it cool if I take your bra off?” “Is it cool if I play with your nipples?” Questions like that should be spoken, and they will either slow things down, stop them, or… take things forward, straight into Fucktown: Population Three!

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4. Keep Communication Flowing, always Aware of Everyone in the Room

It’s really happening, and it’s awesome! You’re with someone’s wife and you’re fucking and sucking and playing with her while her husband is watching, masturbating, or joining in. You want to make sure that you don’t get TOO lost in the bliss that you forget the boundaries (no kissing for instance) and that you don’t lose total communication with any one person.

Make sure you’re having fun, but every few minutes or at least once or twice, look over to the husband and salute, or say, “This is amazing, how does it look from over there?” or ask him to join, or just do something that connects you all—verbally, physically, or emotionally.

Don’t just zone out and think you’re having monogamous sex. The best scenario has everyone expressing their desires and requests, and everyone replying genuinely. You’re fucking someone’s wife, and he’s cool with it. Welcome to The Dream. Keep your (moral) hands inside the ride at all times, and you’re good!

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5. Be Grateful, and Let Them Decide What Happens Next

Damn, that was hot. As you wipe your sweat off, and look around the room to take in the scene to embed in your memory, you will think, I’d do this again tomorrow! But in reality, you may never do it again. And you’re not the person to make that decision. Which is something you must maturely accept, before you even try to get with any husband and wife.

This isn’t rocket science, is it? Be a motherfucking Master of Gracefully Bowing Out. Thank both these courageous cats, and appreciate the opportunity to experience it. If it wasn’t the best chemistry, then focus on the best part of your pleasure, and be thankful for that. But if you did have one of the best times of your life (which CAN happen, oh I promise you that much!) then be just as thankful, and express your gratitude before skipping on home with a golden memory in your soul pocket.

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Is this your fantasy, or have you already experienced something like this? Please share!

Good times,
Adhimu “Malcolm Lovejoy” Stewart

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