Hotwife Seeking Bull? Where to Find Him

One of hottest sex trends sweeping the Internet and the bedroom today is hotwifing.

The hotwife lifestyle and the related cuckold kink are both non-monogamous sex practices that many couples are exploring.

Hotwifing involves finding a bull or boyfriend to satisfy her intense sexual appetite.

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Hotwifing & Cuckolding: What’s the Difference?

Often hotwifing and cuckolding are seen as one and the same. That’s because both involve the woman having various sexual partners other than her husband or boyfriend, while he only sleeps with his wife. Hotwifing is a female-led relationship style, as is cuckolding.

The main difference between them is the psychology of arousal and how sex and the power exchange are carried out.

Cuckolding is when a guy’s wife humiliates him (consensually) for being unable to satisfy her, and runs around with other men.

Cuckolding is essentially a humiliation-based kink and may involve different styles of humiliation or degradation kink, including small dick humiliation, sexual denial, sissification or forced feminization, verbal and sexual degradation, and sexual humiliation such as cleaning up after another male has had sex with the wife.

Hotwifing essentially has an opposite psychology. The wife or girlfriend is so hot and so sexually intense that she needs more. The idea of parading her around to be ogled, attended to, and serviced by other men is arousing to both.

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The husband is so secure in his position and so satisfied that he does not require any other women, and is aroused by the fact that other men want to fuck his wife. He may get off on thinking about it, hearing about it, watching her seduction games, watching them fuck, or watching her get ready.

The husband, sometimes called the stag, may enjoy watching men get horny around her at a party and may get off later hearing about her exploits. He is not humiliated in any way or cuckolded—it is with his full blessing that she fucks other guys because he gets enough himself, and he gets excitement from her adventures and from the fact that she is so hot.

In hotwifing, the husband is often fully involved in finding a bull for his wife.

How to Find a Bull for Your Wife

It stands to reason that with a woman so smashing, finding a bull to service your hotwife will be a piece of cake. There are a few reasons that that is not always true.

One reason it can be challenging to find a bull for the hotwife is that lots of guys are intimidated by a woman so sexually commanding and gorgeous. The psychology of this kind of female-led relationship is very specific.

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The bull and the stag may both be submissive in the sense that they enjoy her command and power, but they are not subservient in temperament. Both are strong enough to “handle” her and are secure in their sexuality. The bull is a bit rare because many guys feel intimidated by the fact that she has a husband already, or by a woman with enough sexual power to eat him alive.

Finding a bull for your hotwife can also fall flat when the new guy is looking for more than sex, or sex on his terms. The bull must be willing to play by her rules, and the husband’s rules, too, in the sense that she may involve her stag in her choices, or even in the sex itself if she wants him to watch.

Finally, finding a bull for the hotwife isn’t always easy because she is very choosy. This is pure sex, and finding a bull for her is about satisfying her sexual desires. It’s about status, stamina, good looks, and often about a big cock.

The hot wife may have hundreds of willing guys, but can’t find a bull among them because none of them are bulls! Finding a bull for the hotwife means finding a hot, fit, gorgeous guy with a large cock, one who is sexually secure enough to handle being “used” for her service and playing second fiddle to the hotwife and to her stag. He has to be able to perform, sometimes in front of her husband.

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But you can find a bull for your hotwife with a bit of persistence and creativity.

5 Tips to Find Bulls for a Hotwife

1. Make your hotwife lifestyle obvious.

The most important thing you can do if you’re looking for bulls to service your hotwife is to live hotwifing out loud. Live the lifestyle. Turn on the sex. When you’re together at a restaurant, don’t hide in a dark corner and cozy into a romantic dinner. Sit center stage, and make sure she’s dressed to impress.

Her commanding presence is all about the world noticing. Even if you’re at a more subtle event, a hotwife wears her hot on her sleeve.

2. Attend swinging events and kink parties or go to fetish nightclubs.

When finding a bull for your hotwife, you want to be where you can assess the possibilities among other people who are interested in kinky sex or alternative sexual lifestyles.

Polyamory and kink communities don’t guarantee someone is into what you are, but at least they are open to non-monogamy and interested in actively exploring their sexuality. This is a much better gamble than a charity bake sale or golf event for work. Although I never rule anything out!

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3. Look around.

You meet potential bulls for your hotwife every time you meet a man. The nature of this game means 99% of guys won’t qualify, and if they do, the chance is still slim that he’ll meet with her approval. Even so, men are everywhere.

If there’s a gorgeous specimen who comes to clean the pool, or your friend’s doctor cousin at a fundraiser catches her eye, these men may be potential bulls. You never know when you’ll meet a hot bull, and you can make him an offer he can’t refuse.

4. Train him.

Find a bull for your hotwife by training one!

Does she have an ex or a friend or maybe date a guy currently that she would love to fuck or fuck again? With a bit of explanation and training, he may be able to rise to the occasion. Only if this is something she wants to take on, of course.

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5. Use hotwife dating sites online.

The most reliable way to make a kink connection is to look among the people that you know are already interested in that particular lifestyle or desire, and are looking for you. This incredibly popular non-monogamous hotwifing lifestyle is attracting lots of interested people and participants.

Finding a bull for your hotwife will be much easier when you know that others around you are “seeking same.” A hotwife dating site weeds out everyone who is not interested in this lifestyle and brings together those who are.

Hotwife Dating Sites for Couples & Bulls

Are you new to or interested in the hotwifing lifestyle? How will you find bulls?

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