Hotwife Stories: What Hotwifing Is Really Like

Do you have a hotwife story of your own?

Or do you wonder what it’s like to be a hotwife? Are you curious about how hotwifing measures up between fantasy and reality?

Are you a guy who wants a hotwife more than anything, but wonders what it’s like for her?

You’re not the only one! We were super curious about real life hotwifing stories, so we asked readers in the hotwife life to weigh in.

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To those not familiar with the terminology of the hottest female-led relationship trend, hotwifing is where a couple agrees that the wife or girlfriend will have sexual affairs with other men, but the male will not. He takes his extracurricular pleasure from knowing that his hot wife is taking it from other guys.

In hotwifing, the woman is above average in attractiveness and horniness. The husband gets off on the idea that she is so hot and by male attention to his wife. He enjoys watching her flirt and seduce and is excited when she comes home and tells him everything! Often, the husband watches or is present for her trysts.

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Some hotwife stories are cuckold stories—she rubs her husband’s nose in the idea that he is NOT hot enough, hung enough, rich enough, young enough, or virile enough to satisfy her needs. She takes on hot hunks and humiliates the cuckold with her true confessions.

Cuckolds enjoy erotic humiliation. Stags get off more on the idea that their wife is so hot and insatiable and want to hear about or watch her romps with other men.

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8 Readers Share Their Hotwife Story

1. Discovering the Thrill of Hotwifing

“I’m a high maintenance partner and after the age of thirty I stopped apologizing for my expectations of being number one and prioritizing the gym, the salon, and rich dates. I simply want the best, because it is what I offer. After a few years of dating experience you gain real confidence and know what you want.

When a man I was dating confessed he loved the way men looked at me wherever I went, I looked for insecurity in his eyes and saw none. He told me his fantasy was to watch another man undress and finger me slowly until I couldn’t stop screaming. We were both new to hotwifing, but it is so hot for us both. You have to have particular personalities to make it real, and we have them.” – Jasmine, 36

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2. Finding My Inner Hotwife

“My hotwife story is still being written. My fiancée admitted that he wanted me to get it on with other guys. That part was fine, but I just couldn’t get into the cuckolding headspace, I wasn’t able to act all hot and humiliate him. I tried, but it sounded so fake. He had to explain that it was the whole point but that still didn’t work!

I realized I didn’t want to treat someone that way, even playfully or if he loved it—it wasn’t fulfilling for me or exciting. I am still interested in non-monogamous lifestyles and right now am dating someone who is turned on by the idea of me taking other lovers, but he’s more of a stag type. We’ll see where this goes!” – Tina, 26

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3. Hotwife Confessions

“I’ve been married for 30 years and we’ve been swinging forever for sex and social satisfaction. Mark said he’s not that interested anymore and wants to ‘retire’ and spend more time on other things. I didn’t want to retire!

We weren’t really sure what to do about this change but when Mark said the hottest part for him had always been knowing I was getting all the dick I wanted, that us doing it at home after the swingers club was the best sex, we decided that I’ll continue taking other lovers while he gardens or golfs or whatever, then I’ll get him all hot and bothered by telling him about it afterwards.” – Patty, 55

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4. From Polyamory to Hotwifing

“I love making my man sweat and squirm by wearing classy but slutty clothes and strutting my stuff wherever we go, so that other men’s heads turn. I love to flirt because it’s a language, and it’s all about anticipation that is even better than sex. Sex is the dessert!

Kevin had been polyamorous, and I was interested in learning more or trying polyamory. But we didn’t do anything about that until we saw some hotwifing porn, and we were both like BINGO! It was basically our whole fantasy life together, and we went for it.” – Helen, 28

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5. The Work of Hotwifing

“My hotwife story is that it was fun for a few months. My fiancée and I had the best sex ever, and I sampled some incredible bulls. I loved the attention, I loved dressing up, I loved the shoes, I loved how hard he was when I came home smelling like someone else’s testosterone.

But after a while, it was too much work to always be ON—I’m a down-to-earth girl—jeans, ponytail most of the time—and always getting dolled up and playing that side of myself while ignoring the other sides, it just wore off. We don’t miss it, really, but we still enjoy hotwifing fantasies in our sex life.” – Lorelei, 29

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6. From Hotwifing to Cuckolding

“I’ve always been dominant, and I get off by wielding my pussy power over men who enjoy submissive living and goddess worship. I’m also polyamorous but expect my man to be faithful. I’ve never had a problem finding men who agree to this arrangement.

One day a lover told me about his cuckolding fantasies, and I decided that if he was a good little boy I would make them all come true, and I did. And we are living happily ever after.” – Kat, 28

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7. Hotwife Fantasy vs Reality

“Hotwifing was hot, until we actually ‘went all the way’ and left fantasy and flirtation for the carry through. It felt contrived, awkward, and alienating, and we almost lost each other. Now we just enjoy hotwife stories as fantasies.” – Fiona, 31

8. Finding a Stable of Bulls

“My hotwifing story unfolded by accident. I was talking to my fiancé about an ex-lover who was Black. my soon-to-be husband kept asking questions about the sex, and I thought it was kind of weird until I realized he was excited and it was a bit of a fetish. Then he started showing me cuckolding porn.

My fiancé wanted to take me to nightclubs where there are lots of gorgeous men who happened to be tall, dark, and handsome if you catch my drift. I loved dressing up and flirting. Eventually I started accepting invitations to go home with guys I was attracted to.

Mike would beg me for every detail later, so I started recording my sighs of pleasure and saving my wet thongs for him. I didn’t know cuckolding was such a big thing or ever expect to be into racial or polyamorous fetishes, but the sex is unbelievable and our relationship has never been stronger.” – Emily, 33

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Do you have a hotwife story? Share in the comments!

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