Woman in Lingerie with Man

9 Tips for Hosting a Threesome

It’s a recurring theme: preparation, preparation, preparation. The last thing you want to be doing is running errands when you should be

Two Couples Lying in Bed

Poly Couple Foursome Fun

Replenish those Fluids Love. Dedication. Security. Understanding. These are some of the fundamental values that couples celebrate as a result of being

Pregnant Couple

Sex & Pregnant Polyamory Partners

My Other Girlfriend is Pregnant  pt. 2 Back in January, I posted a story about all my hangups surrounding my poly girlfriend’s upcoming

Woman in Underwear

Going Commando

Sayonara Smalls “Aw, c’mon, honey, you know how I feel about wearing underpants! – my poly friend to his partner I agree

Intimate Conversation

Orgasm without Touching

Poly Oraltorium Talk about breaking new ground and raising the bar-of-awesomeness: Whenever I’m with my poly partner (I’m the secondary partner in

Girl Annoying Guy

Why Monogamy is in My Past

In hindsight it seems no surprise I ended up in the poly camp. When I recall my ol’ days, of monogamy, the

Couple with Parents

Explaining Polyamory to Parents

My partner’s parents are ideal. They’re hippies, and think their daughter’s poly relationships are just fine and dandy. My own parents? Well,