Poly Couple Foursome Fun

Replenish those Fluids

Love. Dedication. Security. Understanding. These are some of the fundamental values that couples celebrate as a result of being in a committed relationship.

Not me. If I’m in it for the long haul, then my party’s all about not having to wear a condom. Grease that skin, cuz daddy’s goin’ in. Some thorough testing, rationally and judiciously timed, and boom — you and your darling can start saving the condoms for those filthy occasions when you play with your other poly-couple friends.

Which brings me to the reason we’re here today: other poly couples who (albeit only with each other) share bodily fluids. Let’s get up to speed:

  1. I’m in a committed poly relationship that’s condom-free.
  2. We play with other committed poly couples who are also condom-free.

Does that mean we all get together thinking, Hey, the four of us have test neg for everything-in-town so let’s play raw!…? No. That never happens. Skin-on-skin is relegated to the respective couples.

But there’s a way around it, especially if acting like a total slutbag is in your repertoire (like me and my darling).

What we like to do is anticipate the other partners’ cumloads — whether they be oral, vaginal or anal. When the moment arrives we huddle around whichever of the holes was lucky enough to have received the deposit, then begin to share the spillage. It’s VERY intense. And we only ever play this game with close poly-couple friends. There are never any surprises, and it’s pretty much orchestrated ahead of time. It’s our way of having porno-gangbang-nastiness. (Some might argue that being poly is porno enough. To that I say invest in a better dictionary.)

Call it The Perfect Sexy Storm. Uncontrollably wet and wild.

  • bareback blowjobs within the group
  • condoms when swapping partners
  • bareback penetration with our own partners
  • bareback blowjobs within the group after bareback penetration with own partners
  • sharing external bodily fluids

And don’t worry about your conscience: by the time the event’s over, your sins will have been washed away by a flood of girl-squirt.  Zee best!

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