Poly Pregnancy: Post Delivery

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My Other Girlfriend is Pregnant pt 3

I’ve heard it said that pregnancy can make a woman horny, thanks to all those extra raging hormones. I’m no doctor, but, judging by my pregnant lover’s libido, it’s true, it’s true!

As her due date approached, I resigned myself quite willingly to the fact that all nookie would come to a halt while Baby took time to be born and lovermom settled into babybiz. But my uber horny—and very pregnant—poly go-girl had other ideas. She was determined to squeeze in yet another romp before delivery. The last thing I wanted was for her to go into labour midway through “The Harness”, but, as always, her irresistibility weakened my resolve. We made a date, on the condition that, should her water break, I be forgiven if I faint.

The God of Timing the Birth of Babies was clearly on his game. Our date was planned for lunch. At nine o’clock that morning she sent me a text: we’d have to reschedule because she’d just delivered Baby.

My first reaction had everything to do with all the joy that rushes in when a baby is born. Everyone was good and healthy and happy, and there were no complications. I was a poly-uncle! I was ready to spoil, and gobble babytoes!

Then came the overwhelming relief. If Baby had hung on for just a few more hours, it may have taken its first breath in my living room, without any help from me, who would have been a basket case. Just so we’re clear, she doesn’t love me for my strength in the face of crisis.

Baby’s Day One was spent with Mom and Dad. I eagerly awaited pics, which soon arrived and were splendid! It was all wondrously successful.

So what was I to do then? Nine months of anticipation were over, the climax was movie-worthy, and my relationship with my lover would hold while she doted on Baby. I was wound up and decided my best course of action would be a party of my own. Having spent days anticipating our final date, it seemed a waste to let all that bottled-up sex-energy go to waste. So I dove into fantasy land, conjured up every feeling I had for my lover, and embarked on what ended up being the most satisfying wank I’ve ever had in my life. Shall I go so far as to include a fireworks metaphor?

Oh, and: Baby is adorable!

Oh, and: It’s a girl!

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Let Love Rule!

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