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Talk about breaking new ground and raising the bar-of-awesomeness:

Whenever I’m with my poly partner (I’m the secondary partner in a poly relationship) the sex is always better-than-good. It spans a scale from mind-blowing to earth-shattering, and everything in between. I’m never surprised that I’m always surprised (if that makes any sense).

But last weekend’s sexventure was WAY beyond expectation and – as far we were concerned – believability.

We sat side-by-side and logged online to see which of our poly regulars were around, hoping we’d snag some last-minute hookups to join us. No such luck. A two-some it would be. Whatevs. What unfolded (unexpectedly – I assure you she and I never ever planned anything like this) can only be likened to phone-sex-without-the-phone/e-chat-without-the-‘pooter/live-3D sextravaganza. Lemme ‘splain:

Fully-clothed (and remaining so), we just sat on the couch yakking about how shitty it was that a gangbang wasn’t in the cards, and about all the filthy things we wished we could be doing with our poly group that night. The more we talked (and talked and talked), the greater our imaginations intensified (by which I mean the fantasies we dived into were things no one in their right mind would ever consider doing without consequences). We barely even touched. And I can’t stress enough that we had NOT set out to try some tantric sex thingie (we’re just not into that shit; we like to touch). The chat just brought us closer and closer in proximity, until it was delivered bull’s-eye into each other’s ear drums.

The ratio went something like this: 98% chat, 2% touch.  This lasted more than TWO HOURS!!!!!

We never ended up getting undressed, which, despite being miraculous in itself, was poor planning, considering we each came enough to fill a sauce pot (she’s a squirter of Olympic stature; I hadn’t been out in a while, if you catch my drift). Sometimes you just never know how a date is gonna go, do ya.

We’re hardly about make this all-talk-no-touch a routine (have I mentioned we LOVE getting naked…?), but, cripes almighty – with the right partner, is there anything that can’t be done to sky-high perfection?!

Let love rule!

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  1. Ian

    September 17, 2013 at 8:07 am

    Sex starts in the mind !… and imagination is a wonderful and powerful aphrodisiac ! Three years ago, I invited a virgin to lose her virginity with me. We met as strangers on a Friday evening, ate together, emptied a bottle of wine, fondled each other, and then slept together, nothing more. On the Saturday we were comfortable in each other’s company, and I told her that when the time was right she would have an “orgasm to cherish for the rest of her life”. Saturday night, we went out to a bar, disco, etc., and slept together as two spoons. In the morning, I awoke at about 6:30am and whispered into her ear,”The time is right.” I took the covers off the bed and looked at her and said, “Welcome to womanhood”, and merely parted her legs, at which she trembled in anticipation of impending sexual ecstasy as her bodily fluids flowed like runny icing. She orgasmed as I was moving up the bed towards her. All I could do was to hold her as she groaned in awe. I hugged her as her dreams turned into reality. I was naked but never got around to arousing her, or engaging in “lubrication foreplay” … she was there already. Needless to say, when things settled down, she invited me “in” for the first time, and she had two more wonderful (these times penetrative) orgasms over the next hour or so… probably the most rewarding experience of all time, so far as my sexual pursuits are concerned.

  2. Theresa

    July 26, 2013 at 5:09 pm

    Yes it is possible to exchange sexual energy with someone without touching naughty bits! It’s especially fun when it happens by accident. I’ve had the same type of happy coincidence in a hot tub and never rubbed anything I wasn’t supposed to!

    • Holly


      July 28, 2013 at 1:13 pm

      I love this post by Perry. I, too, have been lucky enough to experience this – it feels fantastic!

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