Sex & Pregnant Polyamory Partners

My Other Girlfriend is Pregnant  pt. 2

Back in January, I posted a story about all my hangups surrounding my poly girlfriend’s upcoming pregnancy.

Flash forward: She’s due in two weeks, and since that original post, lots has happened.

By “lots has happened” I mean lots and lots of sex – with her. Contrary to all my expectations, shagging a woman who’s preggers with a baby other than my own turned out to be a non-issue (granted, I happen to know and love and have an awesome relationship with the baby’s father, so, that certainly took the edge off). I probably owe it more to her sexual irresistibility than to my own maturity (I was, after all, a bundle of knots about the whole thing).  Holy crap, her libido has been out of control!

Here’s what I’ve been learning during all these months she’s been pregnant:

  • Once the shagging starts, the hangups go away easily.
  • Until month-nine (when the size of her belly is irrevocably distended), there’s nothing we can’t do!
  • Throughout the pregnancy, I unexpectedly got caught up in the thrill of being a poly-uncle!  Who knew!
  • By spending more time with other poly-parent friends of ours, I witnessed first-hand the support-system at work: it’s such an awesome, loving, and (kind of) communal way of child-rearing (the latter in the way that there’s usually always a babysitter available!)
  • Did I mention there was ZERO interruption of mind-blowing sex throughout the entire pregnancy!?
  • This period of pregnancy could only bring our little poly extended-family even closer.

Now I sit on standby. In the upcoming months, while my lover is out of commission and devoting herself to rearing and recovery, I’ll be stepping up to the plate to perform my poly-uncle duties. I’ve already starting building the library and stockpiling the freezer with homemade cooking. My lips are puckered for some baby-kissin, my fingers are itchin’ for some check-squeezin’ (babyface cheeks and babybottom cheeks).

Boy or girl?

I’ll let you know in my next post!

Tick-tock, tick-tock, tick-tock…

Let Love Rule!

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