Going Commando

Sayonara Smalls

“Aw, c’mon, honey, you know how I feel about wearing underpants!
– my poly friend to his partner

I agree with my friend: I don’t wear underpants. People are sometimes disturbed to learn this. But I happen to think it’s sexy. And I feel sexy when I don’t wear underpants.

“Too much information” is the comment I normally get from those who learn of this little sartorial tidbit of mine. It never surprises me to hear such a comment from one of my sexually-uptight straightie friends; but to hear it from my horn-dog, open-minded, sex-fiendish poly friends?! What’s up with that?!  And, really, the argument I’m about to make I prefer to make to everyone, but I’ll target it specifically to my horn-dog, open-minded, sex-fiendish poly friends – only because I expect more from them.

What could be a disadvantage to not wearing underpants? The only argument I can imagine is hygiene. And that’s such an easy thing to address! I only wear clean clothes. I keep well-washed. I don’t wear mini-skirts, so I’ll never be leaving snail-trails on your leather sofa. It seems to be people’s own imaginations that lead to their distaste. If I never mention my underpants-less-ness, no one would know any different.

Living a commando lifestyle suits me. Feeling my bare cock either A) softly rubbing against fabric, and/or B) flapping loosely in my pants, keeps my libido on a hair-trigger. That’s an awesome feeling if you’re a horndog like me. It keeps me ready-to-go. And it gives me GREAT pleasure not to have to do quite so much laundry. (Don’t laugh – that’s how much I hate doing laundry. If I could go to the office without pants in order to save laundry I’d likely try that, too.)

There’s no question that wearing underpants can be advantageous, I get it, I do. I can certainly appreciate how sexy-underwear, panties, thongs, et al, can look awesome. Peeling off your partner’s smalls can be an art unto itself; nor can I deny anyone’s attraction to smelling their partner’s underwear. Both of these old-time favorites wouldn’t be possible if everyone went around bare-balls like I do.

If I suffered from some cheese-sweat issue, or was homeless, I could understand.

I hereby commit to a campaign of having everyone out there say sayonara to smalls once and for all!

Non-underpants-wearers unite, and show the world how sexy it can feel!

Let love rule!

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