Swinging in the 21st Century

If you’re like I was, you probably imagine “swinging” as something that happened in the 1960s, amidst funky organ music and on top of shag carpets and beanbag chairs. You’re probably imagining a whole bunch of enormous triangles of vaginal fur squeezing out of ratty bell bottoms, and bountiful natural breasts with bikini marks on them bouncing about to the vibe. You’re probably imagining a whole lot of shaggy people rolling all over each other in a haze of mysterious smoke while sitars twang in the background.

Swinging has come a long way, though. Nowadays, people are coming to realize that traditional marriages generally don’t work. People stayed together in the past and stayed miserable because they didn’t know that there was any alternative. Sure, a bunch of turned-on kids messed around in the summer of love, but most people were sensible and stayed home, and felt like they wanted to die amidst their unhappy nuptials.

The new thinking is that monogamy actually doesn’t work. People are supposed to explore their sexuality and to have different experiences. We don’t have to let religious prudes ruin our lives anymore.  In the same way that learning a second language can well-round you, having a second lover can make you more dynamic. The more people you interact with on philosophical and physical levels, the more interesting you become. And the more you get to know about life and the world.

This doesn’t mean that getting into a polyamorous lifestyle is necessarily easy. Just like monogamous couple break apart, couples with many lovers break apart, too. The key to any relationship is keeping the lines of communication open, and letting your partner know that they matter the most. The key is always letting your significant know where your heart is at, and talking through jealousy.

The payoff is that when you open up your relationship to allow sex with other people, things can get incredibly hot in the bedroom. There are chances to share dirty stories and adventures, learn new tricks, and even surprise each other by bringing home other people as presents. There is the fun of watching your lover get serviced by another person, and there is the delight in getting it on with as many other people as you can fit in your bed. Think about it: just because your partner decides to go have dinner at a restaurant, it doesn’t mean they hate your cooking. It’s just that we all need a little variety sometimes.  It’s good for the spirit and soul!

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