What Is a Swingers Club and What to Expect

If you don’t know what a swinger’s club is, then you’ve come to the right place. Learn about who you’ll meet at swinger clubs and what you can expect.

What Is a Swinger Club?

A swinger’s club is an entertainment venue that offers a place to meet, socialize, and sexually experiment with other swingers.

At a swingers club you’ll find swinging lifestyle enthusiasts, polyamorous people, open relationship folks, kinky people, and any other non-monogamous sexual anarchist that fits under this awesome umbrella.

A swingers club is not much different than most normal nightclubs you’ve been to, except for the scandalous sweet things happening on the second or third floor, that are totally XXX-rated, and not just some dirty dancing.

There’s sometimes a theme to certain swinger parties, as articulated in the definition. It might be a wife-swap night, a hubby-swap night, it might be a night without married couples so it’s a free-for-all bacchanal… who knows? There’s more than one way to be a swinger and if you have an interesting relationship configuration that fits into the scene, then bam! Get your swing on!

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Couple Dancing in Swingers Club

What Happens at a Swinger Clubs

There are a few things to keep in mind though when you enter a sex or swingers club.

Even though there are many different types of swinging cultures that have been happening for generations across the world, there are certain universals that you might find no matter if you’re in Toronto, Tokyo, Istanbul, or San Antonio. The people certainly won’t look the same, but the culture and the behavior will share certain values, morals, and rules with suggestions to keep the swinging lifestyle safe, secure, successful, and… secret.

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What to Expect Visually at a Swinger Club

You may see bodies on top of bodies if the sex party is well attended, or you may see a few people mingling with closed doors to “bedrooms.” There will be all kinds of body types because the average married swinger couple is probably in their mid-40s or 50s.

It might not be some young swank orgy you see in porn. But that is NO reason for you to think you won’t see wonderful sexy activities being done by passionate people.

You also will see condoms and lube everywhere in a swingers club, hopefully available for free.

You’ll see places you CAN’T fuck, so respect the boundaries. Usually, there is no sex on the dancefloor—it’s for actual dancing—which is often the mandatory icebreaker.

You will also see people you’re not attracted to. Be nice to them, cause they might introduce you to your next dream swinger partner… you never ever know.

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Row of sexy womens legs at a swingers club

What to Expect Emotionally

Expect to be challenged in a rapidly sobering and maturing way. Expect your desires to fluctuate wildly, whether you’re excited or repulsed (or both) by what energy you are offered by the audience around you. You should expect to talk to people and have people talk to you, and if you’re not feeling social or you’re shy, then hopefully you can work on it or confess it.

There’s no pressure in the best swinger clubs like this, so you don’t have to talk to anyone you’re not into. But you can still be friendly, which requires emotional effort. And so will hearing “no thank you” from someone you want to fuck.

Expect to go home sometimes disappointed, sometimes over-satiated, sometimes floating right in the middle where you did some good fucking but could have done more. Expect an emotional workout!

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What to Expect Financially

At a swinger club, expect to pay for the party if it’s not private, for drinks, and outfits or costumes that might go with a theme. Expect to spend TIME there if you want to invest in the experience to the fullest and make memories that last.

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The worst thing is leaving before the night ends, right when some hot thing walks in the door and makes bedroom eyes at you!—It’s happened to me, trust that it sucks.

Also, you might expect to pay for an Uber home because walking or taking public transit when you’re possibly drunk off exhausting sex might have you not wanting to exert extra energy!

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Man Surrounded by Women seeking group sex.

What to Expect Sexually

If you play your cards right at a swingers club, anything can happen. But you never know if you’ll get lucky, and you shouldn’t go to a swingers party actually expecting sex.

You can go expecting to meet swingers, or expecting to dance or be friendly. But it’s safest to not pressure yourself to sleep with two people’s wives or husbands before you even meet anyone or find out if you have any chemistry in the first place. So don’t expect anything sexually.

But also don’t go to a swingers club with no intention to share your sexual energy! You might go there alone because your partner had to work early in the morning but they told you to go anyways, and you wind up in a foursome with a married couple and a unicorn!

You never know what could happen at a swingers party, but if you play safe, smart, and sexy… you could hit the sexual jackpot! May your loftiest and kinkiest desire fly away at Swingers Paradise for you and yours!

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Have you been to a swingers club? What was your experience like?

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