How to Make a Woman Wet

A woman who is dripping wet with sexual excitement is one of the hottest moments in sex, hands down.

There’s that transition between fooling around and getting naked when you reach down and find out her pussy is drenched. Your cock gets even harder than it was if such a thing is possible. Her excitement is your excitement.

You know what you’re doing, no doubt. But what about those times when things are off to a good start, but she’s not as slippery wet as she wants or needs to be?

Since you’ve likely been with a few women, and are possibly dating several right now, you probably notice some women are wetter than others. You might also notice that in the early stages of dating, she gets wetter faster than she does later on. Or that younger women get wet more easily than older women.

You may notice also that some women seem to be incredibly horny but aren’t that wet and use lube. Others may say they’re not really into it but seem to be sliding off the chair.

Every woman’s physiology and circumstances are unique. There are multiple reasons why she may be wetter than others or not get the natural lube she wants. While wetness is definitely connected to sexual arousal, it can’t be read by itself as excitement, consent, or lack of desire.

Many things can interfere, in either direction, with natural feminine lubrication—age, hormone balance, comfort, personal physiology, nerves and anxiety, medication use, diet, and even things like laundry soap and body wash!

5 Tips to Make a Woman Wet

If you want to get her nice and wet, but she’s not there, here are some ways to intensify things to get those juices flowing.

1. Get Her Wet With Lube

It is not less desirable or less sexy in any way to use a little helping hand from a tube of lube. Even if she makes loads of lube naturally, lube in a bottle is a staple of any sex toybox. It can be used to extend the timing, speed things along, or help out when toys like dildos or condoms dry her out too fast.

Shower sex can wash away her natural lubrication, so a water-based lube works wonders. Anal always requires loads of lube, so have it on hand no matter what. If she’s in her late 30s her own production may be unpredictable. If she’s over 50, a bottle of lube can keep her sexual, because who wants sex if it hurts or feels uncomfortable? She may be someone who naturally makes less than she wants for personal comfort, or she may take meds that dry her out even if she’s wild with desire.

Have a selection of formulas on hand. Silicone makes a nice slide, and water-based is easy cleanup. I have both on hand, always.

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2. Make Out More

When sex gets more familiar because you’ve been together before, or been in a relationship for a while, we tend to get straight to it. Or we start when our clothes are already off. But kissing and groping provide time for tension to escalate. It also warms her up. Even when her mind is ready, it can take her body some time to catch up. Plus, it’s fun.

Rekindling the full spectrum of connection and pleasure, being more playful, and keeping things from getting routine will reap benefits for both lovers.

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3. Take Your Time

Did you know that lots of women find themselves wet after sex? Her body can take some time to prepare after her mind signals it. Just as making out longer can give her the time she needs, taking things slower and holding back can let her catch up to her desire.

There is nothing more important than making the most of the sex we’re getting. While I love a nice quickie, too many regular sex sessions are too quick!

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4. Build Anticipation to Make Her Wet

When we’re dating someone new, there’s an added element to sex because we don’t yet know if there is going to be sex. We don’t know what kind of sex it will be or how it will play out. Or we spend time getting ready for the date and dreaming of how things will go when we’re together.

We live in a heightened erotic state of mind in these heady days because of anticipation! The most mundane tasks, like doing the dishes or waiting in the car, are supercharged with erotic energy.

I remember peeling an orange while I was seeing a new guy. The pulp when I opened it seemed like a vagina opening—it was sexy as fuck, and I felt the hormones coursing through my pussy, literally throbbing! I texted a pic of the orange to my lover. Much later I found that picture and couldn’t for the life of me see anything sexual in it!

You can stoke anticipation with any lover. It just takes a conscious effort to do so, because other priorities can overtake our romantic ones once the urgency is gone.

Sexting and texting are great ways to stay sexually charged or ignite each other out of the blue. You both know you’ll have sex later, but she’s not thinking about it while she’s selling cars or teaching kindergarten. Then she gets your message on her coffee break, about wanting to take those hard nipples into your mouth—revving up hours in advance can bring intensity and heat.

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5. Go Down and Linger

Oral sex is one of the best routes to female sexual arousal. Too often, there are just a few licks on the way to penis in vagina. Insist on taking your time. Explore every part of that pussy. Use a million kinds of licks and strokes. Soak her with your saliva—which is full of sex signals, by the way, that get her revved up through kissing, and that works wonders at the source of her desire.

Tease her, explore her inner labia and outer lips, fuck her with your tongue, and give her clit all the attention it needs. If you want to get her dripping wet, this is how it’s done!

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Do you have any tips to make a woman wet? Please share in the comments.

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