Sensory Play Ideas for Couples

When you have more than one partner in your poly lifestyle, it’s always a great idea to have playful new activities to bring to the bedroom. If you’re not quite into BDSM, but just beginning to explore kink, sensory play is a wonderful place to start. You don’t need to invest in anything too expensive and you don’t need the deeper level of trust many bdsm activities require. Try these out with a new hookup or a long-term partner.

Sensation Play Ideas for Couples

Ice. So many things you can do that feel oh-so-good, especially during a hot and humid day or a sweaty make-out session. Try dripping water from an ice cube clasped in your fist up and down your lover’s body, or crunch an ice cube in your mouth before performing oral sex!

Spanking. A light spank can be very arousing for both men and women. This can be done as part of a sexy role play (teacher/student) or something while wearing a blindfold. Without being able to see, the anticipation can be very titillating.

Massage. I love giving a great rub down as much as I like to receive one. It’s one of the best types of foreplay. I recommend scented body bars and oils. Choose something that your partner loves the smell of, whether that’s floral or fruity or woodsy.

Sweets. A lot of people like to incorporate their favorite flavors with sex. If ice is too cold and you’d rather go hot, try melting chocolate or warming syrup and dripping it on your lover’s nipples or genitals to suck and lick off. Yum!

Deprivation. As mentioned with the spanking, blindfolds are a great way to have fun. I like mixing blindfolds, bondage, and sensory play. Once your partner is tied up, you can use whatever you have around the house for a whole range of sensations (wooden spoons, ice, feathers, combs, heating pads, vibrators). It’s all about using your imagination.

What kind of sensory play have you tried, or would like to try?

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