How to Have Sex in the Shower

Turned on by the thought of sex in the shower? Read on for some shower sex tips to make sure the reality is as hot as your fantasy.

I know that ever since I was young, I was always happy and horny to have sex in the shower. I look forward to any and every chance I get to do the cuddles in the bubbles, relaxing under a blanket of hot water like two marshmallows in a cup of warm cocoa.

But it’s more convenient to have the good ol’ quickie or use-all-the-hot-water-long-and-slow fuck before the regular workday with some of that always-awesome shower sex!

Sex in the shower is like any other sexual activity though. If you don’t do it with some safety precautions in place, you can seriously damage your future.

With shower sex, both pregnancy and STIs are possible, but there’s also a good chance of SERIOUS INJURY! Do NOT do this under the influence of alcohol! You need all your faculties to make the most of shower sex, and I know lots of people who have had major bodily injury by way of shower action that got out of control.

Here are some shower sex tips, to not slip and get down with some extra wet drip-drip.

5 Tips for Safe and Sexy Shower Sex

1. Invest in a Detachable Shower Head

It’s generally easy to connect a detachable shower head and hose to the mounted shower spout. There are also those double shower heads that have one standing head and one long detachable hand-held shower head on a cable, that can be used for all kinds of extra-curricular genital exploration.

Think of the showerhead as your handy shower vibrator that feels a lot different than the one in your bedside table.

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2. Keep Towels and Supplies Handy

When it gets really intense and passionate, you might find yourself spilling things and knocking conditioner bottles over. Make sure you have enough towels to keep the floor dry and enough towels to also dry yourself off when you’re done.

Just like sex in the kitchen needs to be clean enough to not mess up the delicious dinner you’re cooking up, you need towels handy in the bathroom to take care of any overflow from the carnal carnage.

3. Use Condoms for Protection

Shower sex is easiest with the “first three bases”. Easiest with kissing, fingering, sucking dick and eating pussy. But if you’re going to fuck to orgasm… Be very careful!

Wearing a condom in the shower might be weird, but it’s better than an unwanted pregnancy. Not that shower sex can’t be full-on fucking, but soap and water won’t wash away sperm—contrary to the hopeful wishes of all horny folks. It’s not that easy, people!

The pull-out method isn’t a go-to recommendation, but in the shower, it’s better than nothing if you don’t want to wear a condom. Highly recommended to pull out WAY before needed, and finish off with some soapy stroking and mutual masturbation to keep the sex safe.

4. Use Anti-Slip Mats and Grab Bars

If you REALLY wanna fuck good in the shower: install a grab bar or two.

I have broken and pulled down my shower curtain from fucking too intensely, and having an arms-length shower bar to hold onto would have saved my ass. An anti-slip mat in the bathtub also helps provide more traction and stability whilst attempting to generate friction between you and your lover.

You could always just fuck on the floor of the bathtub though, that’s always fun.

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5. Err on the Side of Caution

The bathroom is probably the second most unsafe place to have sex besides the kitchen, where you can burn yourself on the stove and set fires if you fuck around and find out what being irresponsible can cost. Serious injury can happen!

I know a super sexy lady who broke her foot slipping in the bathroom while fucking herself with a wall dildo, and she was in a foot cast on crutches for six weeks. Poor angel.

Anyways, safety first, sexy second, and keep the climax juices separate from the shampoo! Besides that, it’s AWESOME to soap each other down after a good fuck… and then get so horny, you have to have some hot sex in the shower for round two and beyond!

Splish splash,
Addi “Malcolm Lovejoy” Stewart

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