7 Texting Tips for Dating Men

If you date, you probably spend a lot of time texting before and after meeting a woman. If you aren’t confident in your abilities to text, I’ll give you some helpful tips. It’s important to make the most of your texts, especially when you have multiple relationships on the go.

Make it Count
It’s similar to when you send a first message to a woman on a dating site. If you just say things like, “Hey, how’s it going?” or “Did you have a good weekend?”, you’re not going to illicit much more than a roll of the eyes.

Begin a Dialogue
If you want to start a conversation, ask her a question. This is where it helps to remember the details. For instance, if she said she was taking her dog to the vet, ask her how it went. Questions are an easy way to tell her that you’re interested in her.

Be Flirty
The level of flirtation will depend where you are in your relationship and the context of your relationship. For instance, if you’ve only been on one date, your flirtation will be milder than if you’re six months into a serious relationship, or a friends-with-benefits arrangement.

Send Photos
Most women like getting pics, so you don’t necessarily have to write a message. This can be a good adjunct for texting newbies or shy guys. I like when men sends photos of their pets or beautiful scenery where they may happen to be. It’s a great way to say that you’re thinking about her.

Don’t Overtext
You can mirror the amount of texting your gal does as a gauge to what and how much she is comfortable with. You just don’t want to bombard her with texts, rather, use this communication as a thread to keep you in her mind and heart.

Use Emojis
Not only are these signs a cute and fun way to sex up your text, they can also be used to clarify. If you are teasing her, add a winky face. Or if you’re hinting at your next hookup, you may want to add a smiling devil. You get the idea.

Avoid Text Talk
Most women prefer a well-written sentence with proper punctuation to something like URg8t. This online jargon can also come across as juvenile and lazy to a lot of women, especially those of us older than thirty. Keep it real.

What texting tips can you add? Let us know in the comments.

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