10 Wet Sex Ideas: Get Messy

Ever notice that really memorable sex is often wet sex? Sex can be many things, including tidy and sweet, but earth-shattering orgasms often mean the sheets were soaked in sweat. And if she has the chance to get really aroused, she’s ultra wet and waiting for you.

Is wetter better?

Wet sex can feel so elemental! There are many ways to have wet sex, and all different kinds of wet.

10 Wet Sex Scenes to Enjoy

1. Sweat It Out

Good sex can be slow and sensual. It isn’t always about running a race or hitting a home run. But sometimes it is. There are occasions when urgent, manic, frenzied sex marathons are the only way.

Athletic sex lets you work up a good sweat. And hot and sweaty means slippery bodies and deep panting. Sweat has lots of pheromones and other messengers that communicate between bodies at a cellular level.

2. Burn Baby Burn

What stands out in your most scorching vacation memories?

Maybe not her name, but how hot the Mexican or Jamaican sun was on that beach, how you were both soaking wet in the humidity. It was absolutely steamy. The heat made the whole memory like a mirage.

There’s something about sex when it’s so hot you are dripping and melting into each other.

3. Skinny-Dip

On the other hand, a cool lake is just as erotic as a blazing beach. For some reason, making out in the great outdoors in a pool or lake is so sensual and erotic. Under the cover of water, we can often get away with sex outside, or almost-sex, when our hands are all over each other, teasing and touching. A brisk brook can be a jolt to the senses, hardening nipples and more. Splashing around half naked is playful and sexy.

4. Arouse Deeply

Of course, “getting wet” usually has one connotation first—it’s about how excited a woman is.

Having lube handy is always a great idea. Her body doesn’t always reflect her mind, and medications or fluctuating hormones can play havoc on her natural processes. Plus, some women are naturally more wet than others.

Even so, building arousal and anticipation for her can greatly increase her secretions. And a VERY aroused woman is the key to the very best sex, no matter what kind of sex you’re having.

Make it a point every now and again to take a lot of time getting her excited and aroused.

I can enjoy a quickie and love having sex whenever there’s a chance, but nothing compares to the occasions when I have the time and the patience of a lover who wants to get me really “worked up.”

5. Lube It Up

You have your masturbation routines that work for you every time, but switch it up time to time and make it really wet. Like REALLY wet. Try filling half your hand with the slippery stuff, and slather your balls up too. The sensation of a lot of slosh and slide is ooey, gooey fun.

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6. Get Wet and Messy

You may have a wet and messy fetish (WAM), but even if you don’t, it’s fun to experiment with different sensations. This fetish or sploshing kink include anything wet where the sensation is sexually exciting. Some WAM fetishists enjoy sitting on cakes, or being covered in batter or soup or bubble bath— you name it.

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7. Get Dirty… and Clean

Shower sex is simple and steamy. I love the variation and easy cleanup, and touching your body feels really different when it is so wet.

8. Go for Golden Showers

Another wet kink involves urine. It can be very exciting to experience the sensation of being urinated on. It can be pleasurable just to pee on yourself in the shower and feel the warm liquid running down your legs—one reason we all do it, even if we don’t have an actual kink for piss.

If you are adventurous and flexible but not “into” golden showers, have some fun by peeing on each other in the bathtub. That way you can enjoy the variations in sensations with an easy-peasy rinse off nearby.

9. Experiment with Squirting

If one of your lovers is a woman who squirts, you probably feel really lucky! G-spot or squirting porn is extremely popular. Watching a woman orgasm is an amazing experience, and if she gushes at the same time, somehow it takes it to another level in our imagination. This might be because it is taboo or rare.

Most women cannot ejaculate or “squirt” the way you see some do in porn, even though all of us secrete special fluids brewed in a variety of glands internally. Most of us simply do not manufacture the quantity of liquid we see on screen—that is partly because many of these scenes are pure theater.

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However, some women do emit a high volume of liquid. She may feel self-conscious about wetting your bed, so assure her that her abandon is your thrill. You can use a plastic sheet or a shower curtain under towels if she is worried about the mattress. Enjoy!

10. Slither and Slide

Slick, slippery substances that make the skin gleam and their unique sensations are an ancient erotic art. Oil makes it easier for your hands to do marvelous things to each other, and the sliding quality of touch is amazing for erotic massage.

You can go in for a mutual, full-body experience by slathering yourselves in oil and then wrestling or snuggling.

People often wait until they meet someone with a kink for something before they try it. If it’s not all consuming, we may not be bothered. But cleanup is easy if you oil up in the tub or use an old sheet on top of a shower curtain.

This is a relatively tame variation on sex to experiment with, but the sensations are varied and pleasing. It’s worth an occasional tumble to keep things wet and wild!

What’s your ideal wet and messy sex scenario look like? Please share in the comments!

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