The Benefits of Dildos for Women and Men

Thankfully, for the most part, gone are the days in which dildos made some men uncomfortable by supposedly threatening their virility. The idea that a woman with access to your cock doesn’t “need” a dildo is terribly limiting.

Men have enjoyed women using dildos for thousands of years—there is a great deal of ancient art from Asia, Greece, Egypt, Africa and beyond, showing solo, partner, and group sex scenes with dildos!

The simple utilitarian dildo is the king of all sex toys. It’s such a normal and ordinary staple that it’s usually found close by in our nightstand drawers. The truth is, for all the bells-and-whistles sex toys available—novelty items and fun and freaky kinky play options—it always comes back to the basics.

The dildo may be the most important sex toy, with benefits for both men and women, and here’s why.

Dildo Benefits for Women and Men

Dildos are a masturbation essential for women.

Here we are stating the obvious. The dildo’s use for female masturbation goes back about thirty thousand years and is known throughout diverse cultures, from China to Germany to Zanzibar.

Women often masturbate without penetration by simply rubbing the clitoris to orgasm, but we often want a more intense solo experience. It’s important to many women to experience penetration, at least some of the time.

It’s hot to watch her play with a dildo.

It’s very exciting for men, and women, to see a woman being penetrated. It’s an easy way to increase arousal for all lovers by enjoying a show. Ask if she’ll let you insert the and stimulate her with the dildo, or suggest double penetration.

Dildos can support stamina.

A dildo is man’s best friend! If you’re spent already from a morning making love to your wife, your date tonight will benefit from a little help from this friend.

Maybe you came too soon, and she’s not finished. Maybe you’re in bed with two women, and you’re worried you’re going to explode. Or your dick isn’t as hard as it used to be. None of these things are cause for concern when you can supplement dick time with a dildo.

It’s the perfect substitution when women want to play with each other.

Your girlfriend might fuck her wife with a hot strap-on dildo. They might enjoy double-ended sex toys to ride to ecstasy together. Or she might use a vibrator on her lover while you watch. When a dick isn’t available or isn’t invited to play, dildos are a wonderful stand-in.

A dildo benefits men who enjoy receiving anal penetration.

Your asshole is filled with nerve endings, and a prostate, for pleasure. She might enjoy fucking your ass with a strap-on, or you can experiment with butt-plug dildos. Make sure to use anal dildos—they are designed with a flared base, so they don’t get sucked into your intestines!

No one will feel left out in a threesome.

A dildo has big benefits during a threesome, especially if it’s an FFM. It comes in handy to allow penetration of both women at once, or between two women while you enjoy the view. It can also come in handy for Round 2 in longer sessions. See our article How Dildos Can Enhance Threesome Sex for more threesome dildo tips.

Dildos are important for sexual health during celibacy.

For women who aren’t currently seeking or involved in a sexual relationship, using a dildo on occasion helps maintain vaginal health. Masturbation in general, and especially with a dildo, exercises the vagina, and increases blood and hormone circulation to the area. For these same reasons, it’s a vital tool for women going through menopause, and after as well.

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