Sexual Dress Up and Role Play Costume Ideas

Looking for some sexual dress up ideas to spice things up?

Dressing up and role play games for sex are great ways to keep the flame alive, introduce novelty and variety, and give people a chance to try on different personalities and flavors.

Sexual Dress Up and Roleplay

We instinctively dress up on special occasions in our finer threads and splurge on new lingerie when we’re dating someone new. It’s easy to bring this impulse to any of our relationships to enjoy the thrill of beauty and novel aesthetics.

Dressing up is also the easiest way to get into role play. Not everyone is as comfortable at ad lib or getting into character as a Hollywood actor, but roleplay costumes are part of the fun and help us get into the headspace, effect, and spirit of the character we want to pursue.

Plus, the look a sexy outfit alone is often more than enough to build excitement and arousal.

Why Dress Up for Sex?

Dressing up for sexual role play is one way that lovers with mismatched kinks can play out the spirit of their partner’s fantasies without having to be into that particular kink or fetish.

If you’re not into a foot fetish for example, but are willing to please your partner, an easy way to play is simply to get a pedi and wear the shoes he’s dying to see you in. Maybe you don’t think you can pull off full dominatrix mode, but pulling on some goddess spiky boots is easy, sexy, and fun.

Plus, role play and sexual dress-up works for threesomes, polycules and other groups. Whether it’s just two of you or a party of more, there are scenarios where everyone can dress their part.

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Need some roleplay costume ideas? From a few basics you can pull together from your closet, to more elaborate theatrics you’ll want to plan and shop for, here are some fun dress-up ideas for kinky and vanilla lovers alike.

9 Role Play Costume Ideas for Dress Up Sex

1. Genderbending Dress-Up

Femdom and sissy boy games are increasingly popular as more women thrill at taking the reins and more guys want to sit out the expected roles of authority and domination.

You don’t have to have a sissy boy thing to get a raging erection at the transgressive thrill of wearing a woman’s panties and slips. Experiencing the soft textures of women’s sweet nothings or spending an evening in her shoes is hot. Ever notice that dressing up in drag is very popular with straight guys at costume parties and Halloween? It’s fun and exciting!

Women also enjoy chest binding and donning an androgynous uniform or construction gear for guys, trying on a cocky attitude for size.

Get creative—think about business attire, cruise dinner dining wear, street clothes and underwear.

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2. Medical Role Plays

If one lover has a medical kink, it can be intimidating to her partner to figure out what she wants with all that surgical equipment. But dive into the headspace with some sexy costumes and situational props. The classic nurse dress-up is always fun and sexy.

3. Vintage Showgirls and Jazz Age Gents

Go French retro with kidskin kitten heels or Mary Janes, stockings and garters, cigarette holders, and luxury suits, with show stopping lingerie underneath. Think about the naughty postcards from the era and replicate the looks with Brillo cream, finger curls, and jewels.

4. Rock Me, Amadeus

You don’t have to wait for Mardi Gras to pull out some Venetian masks and Mozart era frock coats. Most costume shops have plenty on hand for year long rentals. Have a sexy garden party instead of the usual summer BBQ, and let swinging guests dress up in their fantasy masquerade before disrobing inside away from the prying eyes of the neighbors.

5. Cops and Robbers

Dressing up in a uniform or in street clothes, punk gear, or stripper nightclub dresses to play out a classic cop and prostitute arrest or a steamy street chase is thrill enough, but of course this role play is full of possibilities of power exchange that can ramp up the temperature.

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6. Lounge Singer Meets Rock Star

All she needs is a floor-length black dress and she can add opera pearls, gloves, and a fur stole from the back of an aunt’s closet to re-emerge as a blues or soul siren. If you have an electric guitar gathering dust in the garage after your teenage son quit lessons, pull it out and don some old jeans, guyliner, and a pair of sunglasses.

7. Leather & Latex

Even if you’re not “into” leather and latex fetishes, but especially if you are, investing in a few splurge wardrobe pieces for special occasions can bring a bit of ceremony to your love life. A red leather thong or some suspenders may be spicy enough. Or go full throttle with a bodycon leather dress for her and motorcycle pants for him—why not enjoy the ride time to time?

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8. Jimmy Choos and Thigh High Boots

A wardrobe of wonderful shoes is built for dress-up sex and roleplay. Most of us don’t wear our stilettos to church now, or to the office, but we love a library of spiky, strappy, slinky shoes. And for what? For dress-up night! Indulge your lovers’ whims for shoe lust, and you’ll be duly rewarded.

9. Hot Date Night

If dressing up in My Little Pony gear or wearing head-to-toe scarlet PVC is just not your thing, the easiest way to add dress-up zest is to reimagine date night when you were dressing to impress.

It’s a version of you, not someone else—if you’re casual like I am, just wearing a skirt and taking your hair out of the ponytail is a novelty. After the third date, I’m that girl who is only in jeans or track pants!

So rekindle the glow by showing up time to time in something skimpier than your office apparel. Create a roleplay scene or make one with a surprise entrance!

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Are you already a fan of playing dress-up? Share your fave role play costumes and scenarios.

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