Clitoral Sex Toys: Benefits, Options, Ways to Play

Do you have clitoral suction toys or other clitoral sex toys in your toy box?

If you’re a woman, you already know how important these toys can be! If you’re not, consider curating an arsenal of clitoral sex toys with the women you love.

Contrary to popular belief, there has always been a female interest in sex toys and toys created for women. The dildo appears in archeology and anthropology over and over again, in many different parts of the world, in stone and ivory and more.

I have to say, “the old in and out” is an important part of my sexuality and for most women. Thousands of years ago, we felt the same and created dildos for pleasure.

But modern sex toys are often crafted with clitoral stimulation in mind rather than leaving that up to you or me.

Clitoral sex toys, especially clitoral suction toys, are game changers for many lovers.

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What Are Clitoral Sex Toys?

Clitoral sex toys focus on the often-neglected clitoris, which is the “button” just outside and over a woman’s vagina.

The clitoris is actually a network or structure of nerve tissue running along the top wall of the vagina, and the clit is just the head of that system. This is the main operating system for our pleasure and our orgasms, whether we have them vaginally, manually, orally, or not at all.

Clitoral sex toys are designed to stimulate the clitoris. Just as a woman rubs her clit during sex or masturbation, or her lover does, or performs oral sex on her, clitoral sex toys are designed to stroke, suck, vibrate, lick, flutter, or otherwise stimulate her clit.

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What Is a Clitoral Suction Toy?

A clitoral suction toy is a kind of clitoris-focused vibrator. It uses a nozzle to create air pressure and suction vibrations. Some are intended to mimic cunnilingus, and others are simply their own kind of toy.

Clitoral suction toys are designed in different shapes—classic dildo-shaped wand or other kind of wands, a kind of flat and wide rounded chunk of silicone, ball or egg-shaped, or the legendary “rose” clitoral suction toy.

Are There Different Kinds of Clitoral Sex Toys?

Yes, there are many kinds of clitoral sex toys and clitoral suction toys.

The classic Hitachi wand is most often used as a clitoral stimulator.

Any vibrator can be used against the clitoris and usually has been!

The infamous rabbit vibrator has a dildo for penetration and an additional “thumb” that stimulates the clitoris.

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The new world of toys we are referring to, however, are models using air pressure and vibration rather than traditional back and forth vibes.

These create deep, broad, complex stimulation patterns around the clitoris and vulva and wake up all kinds of nerve endings.

You just position the toy against your clit and you can move it around, or leave it in a place that feels good to you.

There are toys that are a kind of mouth at the end of a nozzle. There are broad flat toys that fit into your palm, with round counters. There are ball or egg or flower-shaped toys.

Some of the clitoral sex toys have a tongue that wiggles around. Some have a “mouth” that opens and closes while sucking. Some have a bunch of squishy, coral like bits that stimulate the clit like it’s going through a car wash. The list goes on.

There are also clitoral suction toys attached to cock rings, to make sure that she gets what she needs while a man is penetrating her.

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Benefits of Clitoral Sex Toys and Clitoral Suction Toys

Orgasms, Orgasms, Orgasms

The kind of stimulation in clitoral suction toys is difficult to describe but definitely a scientific breakthrough. It reaches nerves and arouses them quickly. The result is orgasms.

Without clitoral stimulation, most women do not orgasm. Some of us can only get there by stimulating ourselves, because a very specific rhythm and speed is required to get to orgasm. Some of us take a long time to get aroused or to reach orgasm after arousal, even with generous, skilled lovers.

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Her First Orgasm

Clitoral suction toys work wonders for making orgasm easier, or possible. Women who have not been able to experience orgasm are reporting their first orgasms with these toys!

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More Intense Arousal

The best sex for women happens when her body and mind are intensely aroused. A clitoral suction toy can help speed up this process. Of course, there is no hurry and it’s not about rushing. But let’s face it, we seldom spend hours making love or masturbating. You can get more mileage out of the time you have with these clitoral suction toys.

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Takes Pressure Off Men (Women and Trans Lovers)

It’s a stereotype that men don’t care about women’s pleasure. While such men exist, of course, most men know that the best sex is a two-way street and her pleasure is incredibly important. What you may not know is how to get her there, or how to juggle your intense drive and her meandering one.

Women are all different, so even if I’m with a female lover, her body operates differently. Different strokes and all that.

Clitoral suction toys can be used in solo play, or lover to lover, or she can use it on herself while you make love. They practically guarantee she’ll enjoy the sex!

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Older Women Adore “the Rose”

It’s often taboo for older women to talk about sex problems, but during perimenopause (on average, 4-8 years before not having a period for one full year) and after menopause, sex changes.

The drop in hormone quantities famously lead to hot flashes and weight gain, but women seldom talk about “vaginal atrophy” because it’s so damn unsexy sounding. Women can feel their sexuality is being stripped away, but find it hard to tell lovers how much sex hurts. The thinning skin and tissues in the vagina make it difficult to lubricate and cause burning and even bleeding.

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Older women may still have intense sex drives but their bodies are not always cooperating. Or they may have much lower libidos but still long for intimacy and pleasure and want to connect that way. Doctors tell them “use it or lose it,” but what should they do if it all hurts or it takes so long to get going?

Voila, the clitoral suction toys! The Rose model is shaped like a flower, waterproof, and economical, and it is making its way around the internet in women’s support groups. Where some women felt they were losing sensation or couldn’t get as aroused, or their libido or orgasms were weak, it’s the Rose to the rescue. It works wonders.

You can get state of art pastel-colored silicone toys in sculptural forms, with dozens of stimulation options for vibration, for a nice little investment of several hundred dollars. Or you can get a rose knock off for thirty bucks.

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Go for it girls!

Have you tried clitoral sex toys? Please share your recommendations!

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