5 Things You Didn’t Know about Women’s Orgasms

You know what you’re doing. You’ve made many women tremble, and beg you for more. Still, women’s sexuality often remains elusive.

5 Facts about Her Orgasm You Didn’t Know

1. Time Is Key to the Female Orgasm

For women, slow and unhurried is the road to nirvana.

Some girls can get off fast, but the vast majority of women take a “long” time to get to orgasm—if you’re measuring by male standards.

There’s no magic time formula. Some report needing twenty minutes of nonstop cunnilingus, while others take forty-five minutes to masturbate to orgasm solo. It’s safe to estimate that 15-60 minutes is what it takes for most women to come.

2. Human Females May Not Be the only Species to Orgasm

It has long been thought that human women are uniquely capable of orgasm. But the clitoris is not unique at all, and all female mammals have one.

Rubbing it for pleasure seems the reason it’s there, but it’s difficult to measure whether female animals climax. Scientists have witnessed vaginal and uterine contractions in mammals that probably mean orgasm, but natural sex is more often than not brief and violent.

So if we human females are enjoying regular orgasms, it’s because we’ve evolved together to value consent and take our time.

3. Multiple Orgasms Are Rare

Both men and women CAN climax several times during a single sex session, but both you and I are flooded with a hormone called prolactin after orgasm that diminishes sexual arousal instantly.

There are times when certain factors influence our body’s natural wisdom for reprieve. New lovers can more often go all night because the rush of other hormones overrides our need to rest. Or an orgasm may not be satiating enough to counter our horniness, and we want another one. Overall, orgasm signals conclusion to both of us.

4. Over 50% of Women Had their First Orgasm in their Twenties

You guys figure out pretty quickly that tugging on that thing when it gets hard fixes it fast. We masturbate too, but it isn’t always oriented to orgasm.

5. Some Women Have Never Had an Orgasm

This phenomenon is blamed on everything from religion, shame, sexual abuse, latent lesbianism, and of course, men, I think some women just don’t. Many women in this situation have loving patient partners; have enthusiastically masturbated for years, and are comfortable in their bodies. And let’s face it, lots of good Catholics manage millions of orgasms.

While I believe there are times when a woman’s needs aren’t being met, there are lots of women who are sexually satisfied without orgasm, or who simply don’t want the stress of experts and well meaning friends insisting they should be coming and coming.

We don’t need to infer that these women are inadequate or that they aren’t really enjoying sex. If one of your partners is this woman, take her word for it and don’t pressure her to changed. At the same time, let her know you are willing to provide the time and pleasure necessary to fulfill her—with or without orgasm.

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