10 Ways Lube Can Improve Your Sex Life

Believe it or not, a lot of people go through life without lube. And those of us who know it, love it, and spread the word of it’s many uses.

I fall into the latter category, so let me share what makes lube so great and why it’s never to late to love the lube.

How Lube Makes Sex Better

1. Lube improves condom sex for both of you.

Latex often requires more moisture than skin does, so a few extra drops work wonders even if she’s all fired up.

2. Lube makes plastic fantastic.

Silicone dildos and other materials are handy toys for a woman on her own, a couple, a throuple, and more. Like latex condoms, the surface material of the toy can require more moisture than skin.

2. Lube means enjoyable sex during and after menopause.

The roller coaster hormones of menstrual cycles mean dry days for women of all ages, but women approaching or past menopause will find lube especially useful. Statistics show consistently that older women continue to be very interested in sex, but painful or burning sensations make it miserable for some. A bottle of lube is the best solution.

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3. Lube is superior to saliva.

In a pinch, saliva can help enhance or prolong a woman’s natural wetness. But it won’t help much if she’s dry from hormones or medications, and it’s not enough for anal or some toys. Keep a bottle by your bedside just in case. And if you want to enhance oral for both of you, try a fun flavored lube like cherry cheesecake or chocolate mousse.

4. Lube makes quickies thrilling.

I love a hot quickie from time to time. It can be exciting to just cut to the chase, or get a nice fuck in when time is short. But my body takes time to prepare, even if my mind is ready and willing. Slather up that hot rod with some easy glider and take me now!

5. Anal pleasure depends on the slippery stuff.

The back door does not have a ready-made lubrication system, and you should never skimp on lube when you’re knocking at it. Lubrication can prevent tears, microscopic or worse, which may be painful or increase the risk of disease transmission. Lube will help her relax, making anal penetration easier and more enjoyable.

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6. Your ass needs it too.

If one of your girlfriends loves to dominate you, or you just love sticking things up your ass, you know lube makes all the difference. You can take more fingers or a bigger dildo with the help of a good anal lube.

7. More lube can mean going bigger.

Many men fantasize about a woman taking on a huge cock, whether it’s her new stud or a horse-sized toy. Penetrating her with a thick or long dildo can be so satisfying to watch, and women often enjoy the spreading and the feeling of fullness from experimenting with large objects. With patience and lubrication, this can be very safe and exciting for everyone.

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8. Lube makes masturbation for men even more amazing.

I can’t believe how many guys are still rubbing out dry or worse, using hand cream or cooking oil for masturbation. Why make a mess or have your jim dandy smell like lavender or pancakes when you can use perfect lube products designed to do the trick?

9. Lube makes shower sex steamy.

Hot water or any water can ironically wash her moisture away rather quickly. Lube solves that problem.

10. Lube can be anything you want it to.

Lube is very useful and practical and even a medical solution to some sex woes. But it can also enhance your erotic imagination in ways you didn’t think of.

Get creative with your partners and see where it takes you. For example, a breast massage with lube is gorgeous. One of my lovers enjoys it when I “milk” his scrotum with a handful of gooey glide. Trickling the wet stuff between her thighs, between her ass cheeks, or in her armpit can give you a new place to fuck.

What’s your favorite use for lube with your partner? Please share in the comments!

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