All About the Cervical Orgasm

Have you heard of the cervical orgasm? Wondering how to have a cervical orgasm or give one to your partner?

New kinds of orgasms are always all the rage. Since Freud pitted the clitoral orgasm against the vaginal orgasm, women have been striving to keep up with all the orgasm options and prove our bodies capable of better, shinier, and more unusual orgasms.

The cervical orgasm is the latest trendy orgasm to hit the rounds of health blogs and women’s magazines. The promise of the cervical orgasm is an intense, full-body experience, with the ecstasies of deep penetration.

Introducing the Cervical Orgasm

Remember when you only had to stay on top of the vaginal vs clitoral orgasms? Turns out vaginal and clitoral orgasms were merely different paths to orgasm—the female orgasm, you might say.

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The latest orgasm trend is the cervical orgasm, promising women fireworks from deep penetration.

What is the cervix?

The cervix is the rubbery, plug-like body part you sometimes feel with your finger or cock head when deep inside her.

Her cervix is the plug that seals off the uterus safely from any threat. There is a slit in the cervix that opens to allow traffic in and out—sperm for fertilizing the egg for baby-making, and ushering menstrual blood outside to dispose of. Childbirth is the only time that the cervix stretches super wide, enough to allow the baby to pass through.

Does the cervix feel pleasure or pain?

The cervix is loaded with nerve endings. You may already be aware of this because many women find pressure and contact with the cervix uncomfortable or even painful. So if you were fingering her and got too enthusiastically deep inside, or thrusting too hard with your cock, or possibly during doggy position, she may have alerted you to the fact that you were “too deep” or to “slow down.”

However, like all parts of the female sexual system, the nerves may be pleasant, unpleasant, or neutral on occasion. Some women enjoy the sensation of having the cervix stimulated, some enjoy it sometimes, some enjoy it when she is extra aroused, and some find that if you push past the discomfort and continue stimulating this part, the discomfort dissolves and is replaced by intense pleasure.

Are there different kinds of orgasms?

As you already know, very few women climax from vaginal penetration alone. Some do, or some do sometimes, but most of us require clitoral stimulation in order to orgasm. But the clitoris is not the pea-sized button you see on the surface—that’s just the head, or the tip. The rest is a nerve network that runs alongside, up and down and around, the vagina.

The G-Spot orgasm had its heyday as the golden grail of orgasms, with all the excitement that a girl gushing fluids during climax could predictably cause. I never cared for the G-Spot search, with the famed “come hither” stabbing two inches into my vagina and the expectation that I’ll jet out a fountain of liquid. It feels annoying and does not increase my pleasure.

That said, some women love this kind of stimulation and all the power to their pleasure. I get excited when I’m with a woman who squirts, but I don’t expect my body to be the same as hers.

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Turns out the G-Spot orgasm is another way to orgasm, but not another kind of orgasm. The “spot” is part of the nerve network of the clitoris.

There’s also the C-Spot orgasm, deeper in and harder to find, and that orgasm is also different but not different.

The orgasm I have from anal sex is much more intense than any of these, but an ass orgasm is still an orgasm by any other name. Is the cervical orgasm different, or just a different way there?

There is no doubt that it has its own nerves, just as the anus does, just as the vaginal opening versus the interior. But all of these body parts are working for the same system.

How to Have a Cervical Orgasm

“A cervical orgasm results from deep pressure or rubbing against the cervix that stimulates surrounding nerves,” Dr. Karyn Eilber, a urologist, told Women’s Health Magazine.

“These nerves are distributed throughout the entire pelvis, which is why cervical orgasms are described as intense and full-body.”

You can experiment and explore with your lovers. Some will find it more pleasurable and some will experience discomfort and not want to proceed. Encourage her to explore her own body or play with another woman as well, depending on your poly arrangements. It can be awkward to use your own fingers with the necessary angles, and different penises will feel different against the cervix.

Use a dildo.

Experiment with dildos and work with her, gently. Use thinner dildos, thicker ones, or dildos with a fat head, and see what kind of stimulation feels nicest.

Don’t just jab and thrust away. Be sensuous and artful and rhythmic and gentle as she alerts you to her changing needs of pressure. Let her move her body around you and the toy in a way that moves her closer to ecstasy.

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Enjoy deep penetration.

To reach the cervix and experience its pleasures, you need deep penetration. Most cocks aren’t that long, so experiment with doggy style, or put some pillows under her ass and have her raise her legs up and back.

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Make sure she’s super aroused first.

Cervical orgasms are kind of like anal sex—shoving something up my ass doesn’t feel good unless I’m already hyper-aroused. So working toward intense female arousal is the key. If you just start banging at her cervix, I can guarantee there will be no cervical orgasm!

Good ways to reach peak arousal before cervix stimulation are through unrushed pussy eating, masturbation, watching porn, and orgasm edging.

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Take your time.

A cervical orgasm is not something you’ll achieve during a quickie!

What will a cervical orgasm feel like?

It will feel a lot like a regular orgasm but may feel deeper. It may be intense, and it may feel like an earthquake or volcano. There will be tension and a great release and relief.

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Have you had or been with someone who has had a cervical orgasm? Please share!

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