5 Tips to Give Her a Better Orgasm

You want to walk on the moon? You can’t. There are just a few pinnacles, peaks, valleys, and crevasses that we can not go as high as or as low as we’d like, no matter what we do. We can aim for these levels to be achieved, but the odds of reaching them are astronomical at best and dangerously impossible at worst.

Maybe 5 out of the 8 billion of us will float around the orbit of the planet in the next year. Who’s going to walk on the moon? Nobody, unless there’s some secret mission we don’t know about, which is always possible. You see the CIA declassified those UFO videos? The point is: nobody’s going to touch the bottom of the ocean floor either, not in this lifetime, but we still have to reach for the top and the bottom. We must explore!

All this talk of peaks and valleys is just an extended, hopefully obvious metaphor for climaxes, orgasms, sexual explosions and happiness! You can never know if you’re going to do everything right. You just have to keep trying— tonight and again tomorrow night and the night after!

5 Tips to Give Her a Better Orgasm

1. Stay Present and in the Moment

Don’t be thinking about tomorrow’s orgasm, or the things you did last month that worked with someone else. That’s not the best solution. Try to connect to the person in front of you. Try more than once if you need. And please don’t think of things like tomorrow’s to-do list or laundry.

2. Locate and Lavish the Clitoris

It’s the fun button, so press “YAY!” Mother nature gave half the people on earth clitorises, so kiss them, lick them, play with them, ring the orgasm bell! Also, remember every clitoris is as unique as the woman you are pleasuring. Some women will enjoying stimulation through your fingers while others will want the wet lapping a tongue can provide—there’s nothing that says you can’t try both.

3. Take Your Time

A woman’s body is like a pot of water on the stove—it takes time to heat up. A man’s body is more like a torch with a gasoline wick—it takes but one spark to get it going. Conversely, the spark dies out much faster while the pot of water stays hotter for much longer (not always, of course, as exceptions to every rule exist).

4. Allow Her to Relax

If there’s one thing I know that will prevent a woman from letting go, it’s being uncomfortable. You could be the hottest person on the planet, but if a woman doesn’t feel safe to let her hair down, much less her pubic hair shown, then it’s a no-go. Building trust, asking questions that bond you, being playful and funny, and genuinely being interested in more than the orgasm happening—all help orgasms to happen!

5. Find Her Secret Spot

Maybe she loves having her earlobes nibbled. Maybe it’s the back of her neck. Or her collarbone being licked slow. Is it her ribcage being gently tickled? Possibly it’s her toes being massaged. Most people have a very sensitive spot on their body, if not more than one, that can excite them like not other. You can always ask, but exploring through gentle caressing and kissing is more fun methinks. You’ll know your getting warm by her reactions, including her body language.

Patience is a serious virtue when it comes to wanting to give a woman an orgasm! Get a good rhythm going… and DON’T CHANGE IT too soon… and keep giving until you get to the pinnacle of passion!

Love Adhimu

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