Polyamory Dating Sites

How to Find Polyamorous Partners

Want to find polyamorous partners but don’t know where to start? As non-monogamy becomes increasingly popular, you’ll find more and more couples

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How to Meet Cuckold Couples

Want to meet cuckold couples? Looking for cuckold dating sites to introduce a new person or dynamic to your play? Read on

Couples Dating Site Review

Couples Dating Site Review

Couples dating is a niche that is finally coming into it’s own. In the past, there have been frustratingly few sites that

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4 Sexy Dating Sites for Couples

Here on the Polyamory Today blog, I review a lot of polyamory dating sites. Today I’m going to suggest some sites for couples

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What Does Polyamory Mean to You?

Poly people know that polyamory doesn’t necessarily mean the same thing to all people in non-monogamous relationships. Whether you’re single and looking

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Guys: It’s OK to be Bi-Curious!

In Poly and Swinger communities, there’s a slightly homophobic saying, which was popularized by a funny skit with Justin Timberlake and Lady