Couples Dating Site Review

Couples Dating Site Review
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Couples dating is a niche that is finally coming into it’s own. In the past, there have been frustratingly few sites that offer the ability for couples to create a profile together, or to search for couples only, or view only women seeking couples. What are poly people and unicorn hunters to do?

Find Couple Hookups at

It’s been awhile since I’ve reviewed anything, so over the last couple months I’ve been trying out a lot of different dating sites in order to report my findings. And since I wanted to focus on dating sites for couples and threesome seekers, I decided to bring my boyfriend along for the ride!

We generally do not consider ourselves polyamorous. However, we agreed to see if any of the sites I planned to review could land us a threesome with a sexy third. All in the name of research, of course.

First up was, and here are our findings:

Whoa, It’s Naughty In Here

That was our first reaction. Couples Dating looks tame on the outside, but once you’re in be prepared for an eyeful. And do not open at work! While most dating sites insist it’s members keep their clothes on, there are no such rules here. And nudity is only the beginning..

More Features Than Most Dating Sites

Couples Dating is a voyeur’s dream. All those steamy pictures and videos! You can add your own video introduction, and also view and chat on live member video streams. Throw in dirty niche chat rooms, and member blogs and you can easily get lost for hours.

There’s also an area for “model cams”, but I advise you just stay away from those and focus on the actual members, of which there are plenty. Couples Dating is drawing it’s profiles from the largest adult dating network, and is worldwide. You can even use this site to set up a  threesome during your next vacation!

How Much Is This Threesome Gonna Cost Us?

That’s the question my boyfriend asked me once we started signing up on couples dating sites. To be honest, the set up at Couples Dating is pretty cool, because you can do a lot for free before contemplating a full membership. All the chat, member videos, and searching is free. This gives you a chance to feel the place out and most importantly, do a local search to see the number and quality of profiles.

We liked what we saw. It may be different depending on where you live, but in our large city there were tons of women open to hooking up with couples. We paid our 29.99 to be able to message some of those unicorn hotties. So it costs us $15 each a month to have the means of contacting any women using this site to meet couples in our city. Uh, yes please!

The last time we went out looking for a threesome in the bars, we lost our shirts but only figuratively! Buying a drink for the lone babe at the end of the bar can get expensive!

Mission Accomplished

We did it! And holy moly, I would love to give you all the naughty details. But today I gotta stick to the review at hand. So, how did we arrange a threesome using

We made our profile as awesome as possible, we upgraded only after making sure there were lots of women we wanted to contact, and we tried to be as active on the site as we could. That meant checking in regularly to find new members (fresh meat! haha), and messaging many, many prospects. No copy and paste nonsense either. It’s important to be genuine! After all, you’ve got competition from all those other unicorn hunters.

Have you been a member of Couples Dating? If so, please add to our review in the comments below. I’d love to hear about your experience.

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