How to Find Polyamorous Partners

Want to find polyamorous partners but don’t know where to start?

As non-monogamy becomes increasingly popular, you’ll find more and more couples in open relationships seeking additional poly partners online. Polyamory dating sites make finding new polyamorous relationships and lovers easier than ever.

And the singles? Many are now looking to date multiple open-minded people, or to become a third or even fourth in an existing poly relationship.

But where to meet all these wonderful poly people? Try the polyamory dating sites below for honest, open, and sexy poly connections.

Where to Find Polyamorous Partners

Disclosure: I’ve been a full member on all the sites below, and am still active at PolyamoryDate and Fling. Once I know a site is the real thing, I sometimes use links that earn a small commission if a member chooses to upgrade. It costs nothing extra, just helps to keep our poly blog alive!


I’m a big fan of this site and my boyfriend and I have been enjoying it for years. is the largest poly dating site by far, and is incredibly feature-rich with fun extras that you won’t find at the other big sites.

In particular we like the video introductions, live member video chat, and occasionally reading through the member blogs. More importantly, you’ll find actual couple profiles here.

Find Poly People at

You’ll find that not everyone at PD identifies as poly, but because the site has such an open-minded, sex-positive vibe, it’s a very good playground for poly people and unicorn hunters. I’ll outline some tips later in this post for making Polyamory Date work for you.

Join Polyamory Date

polyamorous partners meeting
Ready to meet new poly partners?


Fling has been around a long time and is still a thriving hub for anyone looking for easy dates and threesomes. They have never marketed themselves as a polyamory dating site, but they offer those elusive couple profiles which makes them a pretty good alternative. (I say elusive, because there really aren’t enough sites that allow couples to create a profile together.)

Like Polyamory Date, also allows nudity, which is the reason you won’t find these sites on the app stores.  Too hot for apps, it’s true! No matter, these popular sites for polyamorous partners work just fine on any device, and have massive followings regardless.

Join Fling


Polyamorous Dating is one of the very few sites specifically for finding polyamory partners. While this should be a good thing, in practice it actually translates to a site that is much less active, and sparsely populated compared to the sites above.

However, if you’re looking for a more PG online dating experience then check out. And note that while Polyamory Date is worldwide, this site is limited to the US and you’ll have better luck if you’re in a larger city. If you decide to give it a try, I’d love to hear any feedback in the comment section.

Join Polyamorous Dating

Tips for Finding Poly Partners

Here are four tips to get the most out of your polyamory dating site experience.

1. Put your poly status right up-front.

This is particularly important if you’re on a site where not everyone may be poly. Help the polyamorous members find you!

Put the term ‘poly’ or ‘polyamory’ in your headline and profile, and make your intentions clear. Rather than limit you, this kind of transparency will improve your ability to meet polyamorous people.

2. Create an awesome profile to attract awesome poly partners.

Invest a little time in filling everything out completely. Rather than relying on cliches and worn-out sentiments, do you best to be unique and upbeat. Give potential poly partners something to respond to when they message you.

And for goodness sake, please add some photos right from the start.

Profile Writing Tips for Poly Couples

3. Take the lead with great messages.

Forget about copying and pasting what you think is the ultimate ice-breaker message. Just don’t do it.

Instead, read the profile of your potential partner(s) carefully, and then craft a message that is thoughtful and touches on something they’ve mentioned. Show them that you are interested specifically in them, and reap the rewards of more replies.

Read: 4 Questions to Ask Potential Poly Partners

4. Enjoy all the features for more exposure.

Beyond your profile, there’s another good way to stand out from the crowd and get more messages and attention from other poly couples and singles.

To do this, spend some time using advanced features like chatting with members who are streaming video or join member-created interest groups. You could even create a blog at if you enjoy writing. All these activities will bring more eyeballs to your profile, as the site will feature you more in their search results.

Good luck and enjoy!

How do you find polyamorous partners?

xo Lola

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