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What Does Polyamory Mean to You?

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Poly people know that polyamory doesn’t necessarily mean the same thing to all people in non-monogamous relationships. Whether you’re single and looking for dating partners or already in a poly-fidelity type of relationship, it means something special for you! We asked some of our readers to write in and tell us what the term meant to them, and about their nonconventional relationships.

Mariah, 31, from New York: My husband and I practice polyamory. He has a girlfriend, and I have a girlfriend, since I’m bisexual. We don’t really date other people besides those two ladies, and the four of us love spending time together. I think it makes my husband feel like the big man on campus to walk around town with three women… little do the voyeurs know that one of them is mine!

Joseph, 25,  from Florida: I see a few different girls regularly without considering any of these to be a primary relationship. I like having the freedom to be alone when I want, and to spend time with my partners when I want. I’m a quiet, thoughtful person, so I need a lot of alone time. Right now, a serious relationship just doesn’t feel right, but I do appreciate the sexy polyamorous friendships I have.

Alice, 35, from Massachusetts: I’m in a triad with a man and another woman. We all live together in a cozy apartment, and we practice poly fidelity. I met them on PolyDating.com. They were already a couple looking for an elusive unicorn, and I guess that was me! Sometimes there’s jealousy that we need to work through, but the good times outweigh the bad and I wouldn’t change my situation for anything.

Mark, 45, from Nevada: Ten years ago, my girlfriend and I started going to a swingers club. There we met a fab group of polyamorous people who invited us to a lot of their private sex parties. Eventually I broke up with that girlfriend, but I’ve been involved with that same community ever since. I’m about to have a commitment ceremony (like a marriage, but not quite) to another girl I met through this group. My wild journey continues!

We’d love to hear from other readers in the comments? What does polyamory mean to you?

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