Couples Dating Sites: Find a Couple or Third

Are you looking for a dating site that welcomes couples? 

It’s not easy to connect with other couples or find a third with online dating, unless you know where to start. The majority of dating sites don’t allow people to join as a couple, and aren’t interested in supporting polyamorous lovers or threesome hunters. So where can you openly search and meet other couples or interested singles?

I’ve been testing and writing about niche dating sites for a long time, and I’m here to help. There are actually a few places that have been allowing couples to join for a decade or longer, and have thus become the go-to spots for finding a unicorn or kinky couples.

Best Couples Dating Sites

Disclaimer: I’ve had a full membership at all the couples dating sites below, and am still active at CouplesDating and Fling. Once I know a site is the real thing, I sometimes use links that earn a small commission if someone chooses to upgrade. It costs nothing extra, just helps to keep our poly blog alive!


Couples Dating is the biggest dating site with couple profiles, period. That might not be saying much since actual couple profiles are rare, and usually limited to smaller swinger sites. But truly, Couples Dating is worldwide, long-standing, and has a massive member base in the tens of millions. Couples and singles flock to this sex-positive, poly-friendly, anything-goes dating site.

Find Couple Hookups at

The features go way beyond what you normally find, and include video introductions, live streaming member videos, dirty chat rooms, member blogs, and interest groups. You should also know that things get pretty wild here. Exhibitionists love Couples Dating and nudity is all over the place!

Join Couples Dating

You should also note that Couples Dating is part of the network, which you may already know about. This is likely the secret to their success as they are the largest site for hookups. The main differences you’ll find is that couples are featured more prominently at Couples Dating, and there’s less banner advertising which is nice.

Couples dating


Here’s another option for couple dating, one that’s also been around a long time. I consider Fling a good second choice for couples who want to create a profile together and look for sexy partners. Members can upload naughty videos and photos at, so be prepared for an eye-full!

Fling isn’t as popular as Couples Dating in terms of membership numbers, but it’s a good alternative or second platform. I maintain a profile on both of these sites to create more opportunities, but also because they’re fun! (And I can be quite the voyeur.)

Join Fling


Do you like a side of kink with your dating? Or maybe a lot. is a kink and BDSM lover’s ideal spot for meeting kinky couples and thirds and makes our list for not only embracing couples, but having a large population and open-minded community.

Another fully-featured playground, accepts not only couples, but all genders and orientations. You will find nearly every fetish you can think of, and plenty of submissives and dominants ready to connect online and meet in person.

Join Alt

4 Tips for Couples Dating Success

  1. Be clear and upfront to find the right arrangement.
    Whether you’re a couple seeking a couple, looking for a third, or you’re a single who wants to connect with couples; put your desires front and center. Don’t worry about scaring people off by being specific or direct. You’ll not only weed out members who don’t fit the bill, but you’ll also attract those who are searching someone like you.
  2. Create your couples profile together.
    If you’re a couple, take an evening to sit down and craft an awesome profile. It might depend on the nature of your desires, but I say make sure you’re both represented, and add photos including both of you together if possible. Fill everything out fully, and add some unique and personal info. Something for members to use as a conversation starter when they message you.
  3. Message thoughtfully from the start.
    Once you’ve got your couples dating profile top-notch and taken a look around, you’ll probably start to find some interesting potential partners. Remember that your first message determines whether things will progress or not (ie. whether they’ll reply), so make it count. All you need to do is read the person’s profile completely, then write a short playful message that refers to something they wrote or mentioned. Definitely avoid ever sending a cut and paste comment.
  4. Enjoy the full experience for best results.
    Sites like come fully loaded with lots to do between setting up dates. The more you ‘get around’ the site, the more exposure your profile will get, and the more opportunities will present themselves. So have fun; take part in groups, comment on couple video streams, add a blog post. Make your mark and participate where possible to get more action.

How I Choose the Best Couples Dating Sites

  • Couples Profiles
    It’s pretty straightforward –  Without couple profiles, singles can’t search out couples directly. This is why a site like OKcupid doesn’t make the cut for me.
  • Established & Populated.
    Bigger is better when it comes to the size of a dating community. Particularly at couples dating sites where couples are involved and searching for beautiful, rarefied unicorns.
  • No fake messages or spam.
    Most sites have to contend with people who sign up to spam and create fake profiles. I’ll only feature couple dating sites that actually work to remove such nonsense. Even worse though are the sites that send fake “cupid messages” to entice people to upgrade. No thank you.
  • Fair Prices for membership.
    I wish I could tell you these sites are free, but the top couple and threesome dating sites all require a membership to unlock full benefits and access. I’m okay with this because for my boyfriend and I, it costs less per month than one night of going out to meet new people. Secondly, would you really want every free member to be rifling though your dirty pics and videos? The ‘paywall’ offers another layer of privacy for members.

Best of luck! I hope one of these dating sites for couples works out for you, and we’d all love to hear your feedback in the comments. Let me know if you have any questions.

For more tips and ideas, read: How Do Couples Find a Girlfriend?

xo Lola

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