Sex Clubs: What Happens and How to Find Them  

Thinking about visiting a sex club? Welcome courageous newcomers, to where adult dreams become reality! 

So you finally decided to find out the naked truth about what goes on inside a sex club… 

What to Know About Sex Clubs

In every city and sex community around the world, there are sex clubs. These clubs have rules and behaviors that govern the tasty things that happen between participants that include swingers, polyamorous folks, kink aficionados, BDSM enthusiasts, open relationship lovers, and ethical non-monogamists. 

The more you explore sex clubs, the more your beautiful minds will expand.

The first thing you need to know about sex clubs is that you NEVER have to do anything in any club you go to. There is no pressure to participate, and once you prove you are of age and pay your admission, you can totally just enjoy and watch.

As long as you aren’t creepy about it, you can just peep it out and do all the hardcore homework you are curious about.

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Couples dancing at a sex club.

Are Sex Clubs for Couples Only? 

Some sex clubs have a strict couples-only policy while others may designate different nights for different configurations of attendees. Many sex clubs are open to whatever, but might have different times of day where they focus on couples (or singles, or trans folk or lesbians—it all depends). 

Sex clubs are usually open to different communities at different times, and few of them are in cities with populations liberated enough to keep them open at all times, so fall in line where your identity, orientation, and interests fit. 

If you have to, invite a curious friend or someone you’ve met on a dating site to go with you because then you can enjoy the benefits of a couple in a sex club, which is far better than just being there solo.

Singles nights do happen at sex clubs, so there is a possibility of pleasure in the air if you carry yourself properly. Listen, look, learn, and get lucky!

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What Really Happens at Sex Clubs?

I would tell you, but I don’t know if you can handle it yet, haha. For real, most anything is possible. What happens depends on many things—the size and type of sex club, its rules, and who happens to be there that night. That’s why you’ll want to go more than once! 

I’m rarely surprised at what can and does transpire behind sex club walls. Oh, to be a first timer!

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Couple at a Cocktail sex Party

How to Find Sex Clubs Near You

Ask Your Naughtiest Friends

It’s always better to ask and have that one moment of “embarrassment,” if it means finding a sex club near you. 

Ask your sexually adventurous friends what it’s like in a sex club, and ask all the questions you’re curious about, but ask respectfully and listen with the full intent of acting appropriately and accordingly when you follow up. 

It’s always better to learn from someone else’s experiences and mistakes than to have to make them yourself, especially in a sex club! Don’t be rude about your curiosity, but ask real adult questions straight up. And be prepared for blunt answers!

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Do a Search on Google 

Googling is always a place to start when it comes to exploring and expanding your sexual education. Ask what you can’t ask your friends because you’re too afraid. Google won’t embarrass you when you ask those silly basic questions.  

Once you’ve found a sex club that’s close enough to visit, browse their website thoroughly, especially their rules and code of conduct. Real experience will always be superior, but you can get a good head start this way. You can also find play partners who may want to meet up at a sex club!

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Couple looking for sex clubs on laptop in bed.

Consult Swinger Community Sites 

You will get real answers from swingers’ experiences at sex clubs, so you will learn what’s real, what’s being agreed on by multiple people, and see what reinforces your beliefs or what destroys your misconceptions. 

Sniff around and see what you can discover! Community swinger sites are where you may find your future fun partners, so read names and try to get a hint of who’s who in the scene online and off.

If you have kinks and fetishes, you can always attend a BDSM munch to connect with your kink community who know where all the sex clubs are!

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No Clubs Nearby? Make a Trip of It 

If there’s nothing in your city or small town, then don’t be afraid to take a road trip to your closest sex club or sex community gathering. It’s worth it, even if you have to plan and save for it. 

It might not be a sex club with all the bells and whistles of your fantasies, but people create what they can where they can. It may be an underground club hosted in a femdom’s basement or a once-a-month shindig that takes place in someone’s penthouse.

If you do want to try out something next level, like a famous, world-class sex club in far away places, please treat yourself to the experience! I have dreams of going to sex clubs in Berlin, Paris, Amsterdam, Miami, and Thailand.

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Have you been to sex club already or are you still dreaming? Dare to share your experience or fantasy.

Addi “Malcolm Lovejoy” Stewart

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