How to Have Sex with Two Women at the Same Time

Are you planning your first threesome? Hopeful for a threesome at the local sex club? Inviting a third into your newly opened relationship?

Sex with two women can be exciting but also daunting. You want to make the most of it, so let me share my expert advice for having sex with two women.

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10 Tips and Ideas to Ravish Two Women

1. Destroy the Past and the Future

Do not think about the last woman you were with or the next woman you will be with, for the vast majority of the foreplay at least, if not for the entire experience of bliss.

Focus on all the flesh in front of you! Overthinking and getting excited and comparing this threesome to some Hollywood movie or porn scene will throw your game off unless you’re a seasoned pro. Keep your eyes on the prize and the thighs you can grind!

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2. Get Acquainted

If you’re lucky, you will be able to have some conversation before you arrive in paradise. And you will ask what THEY want to feel, experience, have done to them, what they want to do to each other, what kind of kinky or vanilla fantasies they have… foreplay banter to get the juices bubbling and stirring.

Make it playful, make it curious, make it mysterious, make it fun. INTEND on being intimate if you are all in agreement that consent is given and sex, love are going to happen.

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3. Stay In the Moment

To satisfy two women, it will require ALL your faculties working at full capacity.

You will need to use your mind, your body, your soul, your brains, your wit, your charm, your stamina, your charisma, your romance, your power, your grace, and your mojo libido! There will be other things you need to use, but your intuition will guide you in the moment.

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4. Play Safe

You want to play it safe and have the requisite protection for the connection. You don’t want to impregnate two women at once because you were irresponsible and didn’t bring condoms, or play fast and loose with STIs.

Conduct yourself in such a manner as to have more opportunities to have sex with two women. Be safe, and then go nuts.

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5. Balance Your Attention

They may have different bodies and different attributes and features, but that doesn’t mean you focus on the one with the bigger ass or tits. Don’t mess it up with individual greed! Spread the love as much as possible. Kiss them both, rub and touch them both, squeeze them in equal proportion.

One of them might designate herself the most submissive or service-oriented, and you can conduct yourself accordingly but don’t default to giving all the attention to the blonde hottie or something silly like that. Circulate and celebrate!

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6. Take it Slow

Don’t blow a gasket too early, especially if you can’t go multiple rounds in the sack. I definitely live and breathe by the adage “SHE COMES FIRST,” so in a threesome with two women, that means you should give two orgasms before you start even THINKING about having one of yours.

Even if the women don’t fully have an orgasm, they should at least be brought towards Orgasmville, and given LOTS of attention and affection, enough to satisfy them even if they don’t come. But also, make it a marathon, not a sprint! Take your time ravishing.

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7. Know Your Strengths and Limits

I myself specialize in eating pussy, so I offer that often and I deliver that as much as possible. I know I can fuck for a few rounds a night and not get tired, so I’m happy to do that as often as possible. I don’t have the best time in certain positions, so I avoid those and lean into positions I excel in.

I know I like to kiss and will engage with those who like to reciprocate. I also listen and feel out my partners for what they like and what they don’t like. Encourage them to do things they might not get a chance to do when they don’t have six arms and six legs and three mouths present.

Be gentle and playful with suggestions. Don’t be selfish, crude, or forceful. Work on delivering what you do best to both women and really try to take them to the pinnacle of pleasure.

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8. Time Is of The Essence

Be aware of the time you have because nothing, including threesomes, lasts forever! There is X amount of time in X amount of space to have fun, and it can’t last four days long. You probably have a few hours or a whole night at best to enjoy sexy time with two women.

Have a bit of a mental map to follow, but don’t be afraid to deviate to delicious new places that you all discover are possible. It takes time to make women climax, so that’s another reason to stay focused!

Don’t waste time doing silly things like setting up some extraneous sex toy when you could be licking, sucking, or fucking.

If you’re able to go multiple rounds, then make sure you get your first nut off, after or while getting them off. This allows time for them to get water, take a bathroom break, eat fruits or protein to regenerate energy, and/or take a quick catnap before fucking again… and again.

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9. Share Fantasies and Take Orders

You satisfy two women by listening to their deepest fantasies… and then do everything in your power to bring those fantasies to life! Be a razor sharp mix of a confident, powerful gentleman and a generous, willing sexual servant.

Do what they want done to them and do it WELL. And if you have a sex position you’ve always dreamed of trying with two women’s bodies or mouths or genitals, then be brave and bold and seductive enough to share your fantasy.

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10. Give It Your ALL

I can’t emphasize this enough. Focus on the right here and right now and give the two women before you EVERY drop of energy you can muster. Sweat. Moan. Growl. Grind. Grab. Hold. Fuck. Kiss. LOVE.

You’ll never be able to do every single fantasy and kinky idea that you have, so give it your best to have no regrets while laying in a wet, dripping, sweaty puddle, legs tangled, hands on tits and dick, heavy breathing, hot and happy from an unbelievable, unforgettable night of erotic threesome debauchery.

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Ravish away!

With love,
Addi “Malcolm Lovejoy” Stewart

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