Why You Need a Sex Swing

New sex toys can be intimidating because they are unfamiliar, especially those we assume require special skills. You may never have thought about getting a sex swing because you’re an average joe, and your girlfriends are not contortionists.

But a sex swing is just the thing that can make the impossible possible. Far from being suited only to yoga chicks and flying trapeze masters, a sex swing can help all kinds of bodies into greater versatility and pleasure.

There are many kinds of sex swings, from elaborate contraptions to something more resembling a couple of bungee cords thrown over the door.

How You Can Benefit from Using a Sex Swing

Improve Alignment

Maybe one of your girlfriends is an Amazonian goddess towering over your six feet. Maybe one is a pixie, and another is an earth goddess. If either of you have been standing on books or stuffing pillows under your butts, trying to make adjustments to align your genitals, well, that’s all part of the fun. But a sex swing can simplify this to work for you both, and for different partners by adjusting the height easily.

Increase Velocity

Hard sex can be hard work. A sex swing makes is super easy for her to float and move, and you can be going at it like mad while the whole affair feels effortless. You can hold her and pound like a wild dog, but still have a sensual and smooth ride.

Enjoy the Subtleties of Swinging

When you’re free and unfettered, with no bed, floor, or wall creating resistance you don’t want, you can enjoy a wider variety of subtle motions, like gentle side-to-side rocking, the figure eight, alphabets, or just very slow movements to savor.

Explore Deep Penetration

If you want to get as far inside her as you can, the sex swing can be an amazing experience of deep penetration for everyone. The swing can help her open wide to receive your cock as far as it will go, and you can better move her to take it all the way.

Experience Unlimited Sex for Limited Bodies

Experimenting with a sex swing can help resolve some limitations and challenges for men and women with arthritis, balance issues, disabilities, aging, obesity, pain, and many other issues, allowing greater accessibility to the healing power of sex.

Proceed carefully, and discover ways that the swing might reduce obstacles to great sex. Remember, some swings are less acrobatic and offer the possibilities of suspension or support to a body or limbs.

Experiment with Kink and BDSM

A sex swing is versatile for kinky people, and be an amazing addition to your BDSM repertoire—bondage, orgasm edging, pussy worship, cock worship, extreme penetration, anal play, golden showers, and more.

Revel in Heightened Intimacy

A sex swing can increase intimate contact by creating more ways to make love face to face while freeing hands to touch, hold, and caress each other.

Bask in Back-Door Bliss

A sex swing might be the only thing you need to enjoy anal penetration. It can really help her relax and enjoy anal if she doesn’t already, and if she does, it can add versatility to your routine. And if you want to include prostate play or have her don a strap-on and fuck your ass, a sex swing can make it easier.

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